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The service is being offered through USA.NET, a brand of Perimeter E-Security.
Perimeter E-Security, Milford, Conn.,the trusted market leader of information security and messaging services that deliver enterprise-class protection and compliance to companies of all sizes, has announced that its USA.NET Microsoft R Exchange Hosting solution has experienced an 18% growth over the past twelve months, adding 200,000 seats on the company's base of 1.1 million.
USA.NET, a subsidiary of Perimeter, Milford, Conn., a provider of integrated messaging and collaboration services, has announced the availability of an enhanced version of its Commercial Messaging Service (CMS) 2.0, a lower cost webmail alternative to other business email solutions such as Microsoft Exchange, GroupWise and LotusNotes offerings.
Hosted e-mail provider USA.NET announced on Monday the availability of an enhanced version of Commercial Messaging Service (CMS) 2.0, its hosted messaging solution.
Groups like the United States Power Soccer Association (www.powersoccer have cropped up to help power wheelchair users participate.
MX Logic co-founders John Street and Scott Chasin met while working in the same capacities at Colorado Springs-based e-mail services provider USA.NET Inc.
ESW's COO Dave Johnson explained, "Based on the recent success of the USA.NET sale and recognizing the potential opportunity in this marketplace, the Air Sentinel line was formally developed by ESW with the purpose of being aggressively marketed to larger sized industrial engine operators.
Chasin is chief technology officer of USA.NET, Colorado Springs, Colo.
Using an e-mail address from AOL or any of the other free services (Juno,, Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc.) is like wearing a 6-inch-too-short clip-on tie with that lime-green leisure suit to meet the president of the United States.
And in California, the Los Angeles Times has turned to outsourcing to get anonymous e-mail addresses for classified advertisers through Ad Mail from USA.NET of Colorado Springs, Colo.
United Airlines has awarded a contract to provide web-based e- mail services to its worldwide network of employees to USA.NET.
HP is supplying application service providers with storage servers under revenue- sharing deals modeled on partnerships it has with other companies such as Eonline, and StarMedia for application hosting.