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user name

(operating system, security)
(Or "logon") A unique name for each user of computer services which can be accessed by several persons.

Users need to identify themselves for accounting, security, logging, and resource management. Usually a person must also enter a password in order to access a service. Once the user has logged on the operating system will often use a (short) user identifier, e.g. an integer, to refer to them rather than their user name.

User names can usually be any short string of alphanumeric characters. Common choices are first name, initials, or some combination of first name, last name, initials and an arbitrary number. User names are often assigned by system administrators according to some local policy, or they may be chosen by the users themselves.

User names are often also used as mailbox names in electronic mail addresses.
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The name people use to identify themselves when logging into a computer system or online service. In most situations, both a username (user ID) and password are required.

In an Internet email address, the username is the left part before the @ sign. For example, KARENB is the username in AOL calls a username a "screen name."

A Username Can Be an Email Address
For some sites, a person's email address can be used instead of making up a name. However, sometimes, a username must be the email address (see below).

Username or Email Address?
These Google mail server settings ask for "User Name" when, in fact, an email address must be entered and not some made-up identity. Many websites create confusion like this and may even ask for "username" in one dialog and "email address" in the other.
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Hang on, I'll see if we can find a way of letting you read the column without having to enter your user name and password.
(Note that the site may add a number to the end of a student's name to create a unique user name.) Assign a different, easy-to-remember password to each student and make a record of all user names and passwords.
Luh wrote that investigators also found that an e-mail address tied to the user name "mywebboys" was created by an individual using an Internet provider address registered to the Cottage Grove Police Department.
If the user is accessing vector data, the system will force the user to type his/her user name and password.
Double-click on the shortcut and enter the User name and Password (from the list of users you allowed access to during the VPN server setup).
Firms that are already PCPS members will need to return to logging in with their user name and password to continue their access to the restricted resources.
ProtectID grants secure access to online accounts by sending users' passwords over a channel that's separate from the standard channel of user name and password boxes.
#WHEN creating an account, do not choose your email address as your user name and make sure your password is difficult to guess.
The PDF documents are titled, "Money Making Ideas from New Zealand--Part 1" and "More Money Making Ideas from New Zealand--Part 2." Visit and create a unique user name and password to log in to join the forum.
To access your personal CLE information, go to, click on "StoreFront" in the left-hand blue column and then click on "CLE Status Inquiry." Before being able to obtain personal CLE records or post new credits, members will have to follow the prompts to register on the "Storefront" by using their user name (Bar number) and password.
In the memory damp, the plain-text passwords are visible near to the associated user name or group name, which makes them easy to locate.
The iSCSI target server sends an encrypted user name and password challenge to the initiator.