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The DPO said police had also contacted Faisalabad police and looking all other possible aspects of the case to see whether it was actually just a joke that scared many and triggered heavy police deployment, an attempt to usurp money and prize bonds or something more sinister.
Meanwhile, the villainous Prince John (Jonathan Hyde) plots to murder Prince Philip (Stephen Moyer) and usurp the throne.
We are outraged that Los Angeles leaders have the effrontery to try to usurp the will of the voters and the elected officials of neighboring jurisdictions.
The Pakistani people want a society where everyone has equal rights and no one usurps the rights of others,' he said.
should not expect to receive a better offer in Appeals than that offered under this settlement initiative," the IRS seemingly usurps the authority of Appeals to assess (and the right of taxpayers to have Appeals assess) the merits of cases.
Far from complementing Congress's voluntary incentive scheme, the Pediatric Rule usurps it by superimposing an often-incompatible regime.
Presently, congress grass is known only lot its negative attributes as a hardy weed that thrives in almost all climatic conditions and usurps every piece of marginal land.
The find usurps the title of Kuiper belt king from another recently discovered resident, 20000 Varuna, which measures 900 km across.
This is the institution that usurps economic sovereignty from Third World countries.
He believes the New Jersey decision is wrong because it usurps the owner's right to private property.
Concerning the tribunal hearings, legal counsel writes, 'Finally, the dispute resolution method suggested is terribly inadequate and usurps the authority of the arbitrators under the collective agreement.