utility software

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utility software

(Or utility program, tool) Any software that performs some specific task that is secondary to the main purpose of using the computer (the latter would be called application programs) but is not essential to the operation of the computer (system software).

Many utilities could be considered as part of the system software, which can in turn be considered part of the operating system.

The following are some broad categories of utility software, specific types and examples.

* Disks

disk formatter: FDISK, format


disk checker: fsck

disk cleaner

system profiler


file system compression

* Files and directories

list directory: ls, dir

copy, move, remove: cp, mv, rm, xcopy

archive: tar

compression: zip

format conversion: atob

comparison: diff

sort: sort

* Security

authentication: login

antivirus software: avast, Norton Antivirus

firewall: Zone Alarm, Windows firewall

encryption: gpg)

* Editors for general-purpose formats (as opposed to specific formats like a word processing document)

text editor: Emacs

binary editor, hex editor

* Communications

mail transfer agent: sendmail

e-mail notification: biff

file transfer: ftp, rcp, Firefox

file synchronisation: unison, briefcase

chat: Gaim, cu

directory services: bind, nslookup, whois

network diagnosis: ping, traceroute

remote access: rlogin, ssh

* Software development

compiler: gcc

build: make, ant


preprocessor: cpp

debugger: adb, gdb

installation: apt-get, msiexec, patch

compiler compiler: yacc

* Hardware

device configuration: PCU, devman, stty
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RadioShack Corporation (NYSE:RSH), a consumer electronics retailer, and management software company CA (NYSE:CA), announced on Monday (7 August) an agreement making CA the exclusive consumer utility software offered at the company's retail outlets and online.
Norton Utilities, introduced in 1982, has long been considered the best all-around utility software package.
As financial institutions move towards accepting depository transactions on our Image ATM server utility software we see partnering with market leaders such as Diebold a win / win for both organizations.
McAfee also markets and distributes general purpose utility software for personal computers.
Its parent company, Ontrack Computer Systems, specializes in hard disk utility software, including installation and data recovery tools for the NetWare, DOS, Macintosh and Unix environments.
While most disk utility software provides excellent preventative maintenance by fixing minor problems, some can render data unrecoverable in the event of extreme corruption.
Its parent company, Ontrack Computer Systems, specializes in hard disk installation and utility software for more effective system management and maintenance.
With over twenty years experience in utility software solutions, CR'P, a SAP certified Software Partner, offers Felix(X) CMM, a work management suite of products for utilities within the SAP(R) Enterprise Portal(TM) and integrated into SAP(R) Netweaver(TM), and Felix(X) CSD, a leading workforce management solution for the utility industry, with certified SAP(R) IS-U(TM) integration.
Channel Access also distributes utility software for GetData, an Australian software manufacturer.
BVRP will create three new divisions focusing on the Mobility, Productivity and Utility software product lines to further strengthen BVRP's intellectual property and positively contribute to the company profitability.