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the aggregate fruit (nut) characteristic of beets, goosefoot, and other plants of the family Chenopodiaceae. In every flower the leaflets of the perianth envelop the ovary with their recurved tips, which coalesce and later develop into utricles.

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The vestibular sensory organs particularly the utricular otoliths are responsible for linear acceleration and have an optimal working range for head position in order to maintain postural stability (Brandt et al 1981).
Endolymph ionic concentrations were measured from two organs: the saccule and the utricular vestibule (semicircular canals).
9) In the vestibular labyrinth, the highest concentrations of receptors were in the crista ampullaris and utricular macula, and the lowest levels were in the macula of the saccule.
Richter (1980) found intraepithelial basophilic inclusions in the horizontal canal cristae and the utricular macula and larger basophilic cysts in the cristae.
Os sinais e sintomas sao determinados pela presenca indevida de particulas de carbonato de calcio resultantes do fracionamento de otolitos da macula utricular [5].