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the aggregate fruit (nut) characteristic of beets, goosefoot, and other plants of the family Chenopodiaceae. In every flower the leaflets of the perianth envelop the ovary with their recurved tips, which coalesce and later develop into utricles.

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Na posicao de Dix e Hallpike a macula utricular esta imediatamente acima da cupula do canal semicircular anterior.
Endolymph ionic concentrations were measured from two organs: the saccule and the utricular vestibule (semicircular canals).
Both utricular and saccular endolymph potassium and chloride levels were significantly higher than plasma ion composition.
This is accomplished by dissecting the utricular sensory epithelium in these mice.
This involved grafting the utricular mouse-derived progenitor cells into the developing ears (otic vesicles) of embryonic chickens.
Following unilateral lesion of the complete VIIIth nerve, frogs exhibited postural deficits due to asymmetrical utricular information (5).
A test of utricular function, the ocular VEMP (OVEMP) was first described in 2005 [2].
Heller's laboratory generated tuner ear progenitor cells from either adult stem cells found in the mouse utricular sensory epithelium (2) or by stepwise guidance from mouse embryonic stem cells with specific growth factors.
Origin of these deposits is claimed to be due to degeneration of utricular neuroepithelium.
A deviation toward the left ear at the subjective visual vertical (SVV) test indicated an utricular damage.