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Intel's branding for a collection of advances in its x86 CPU chips and chipsets, which include hardware virtualization, hyperthreading and real-time speed enhancements (see VT, hyperthreading and Turbo Boost). Introduced with the Core 2 Duo CPU and chipset in late 2006, vPro initially featured Intel's Active Management Technology (AMT).

Active Management Technology (AMT)
AMT is hardware-based remote systems management, which was the original. Using a third-party management console such as OpenView or LANdesk, system administrators can wake up, inventory, diagnose, repair and push security updates and patches to all vPro systems in the network.

The AMT chipset provides an out-of-band communications channel that works no matter what functioning or non-functioning state the OS is in. It provides a non-volatile memory for critical system data that cannot be compromised, and it has the ability to isolate a PC from the network if threatened or infected. See x86 chip platform and Intel Core.

vPro Branding
Intel has promoted vPro whenever possible as in this label on a Lenovo laptop.
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(1) Available with the latest 4th generation Intel Core i7-4900MQ vPro processor
Like theIvy Bridge Core i-series processorslaunched last month, the Core vPro processors are based on Intel's 22nm microarchitecture and, when paired with Intel's Q-series chipsets, offer a 10-20 percent improvement in performance.
Other new features in ZenWorks 11 include the ability to configure Windows power management settings, perform out-of-band power management tasks using Intel's vPro, as well as enabling the management of Windows and Linux devices all from a single console.
Seamless integration with the new Intel vPro Technology Remote Encryption SDK allows for PCs (powered on or off) to be remotely unlocked by the I/T administrator to perform management tasks such as software installation and patch management.
Motion Computing[R], a provider of integrated mobile computing solutions, has unveiled the latest in its family of rugged tablet PCs--the Motion F5v mobile field tool with integrated Intel[R] Core[TM] vPro processing technology.
Additionally, incorporating Intel Core vPro technology will enable Motion customers to experience:
Dell's new OptiPlex 780 Ultra Small Form Factor (USFF) is the world's smallest fully functional commercial desktop with integrated power supply and Intel vPro technology.
Offering increased security and remote management, with Intel Centrino 2 with vPro technology and the optional embedded Gobi mobile broadband, Toughbook 52 is the ultimate business tool.
In 2010, Core i7 and Core i5 chips will start to include Intel's vPro security and management technology used by businesses.
The desktops operate on Intel vPro technology and run quieter while producing less heat.
The R600 packs an Intel Centrino 2 VPro processor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2,1 and HSDPA.