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chiefly Brit a period of the year when the law courts or universities are closed

What does it mean when you dream about vacation?

See Holiday.

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Palma said the local chief executive of the town wants that motorists and vacationers are safe while observing the Lenten season.
Cereno said vacationers should also avoid putting a sign on their houses that nobody's home.
PIA-Bohol said in its Twitter account (@PIABOHOL) "Happag Lloyd's Mv Europa 2 cruise ship drops a load of 282 luxury vacationers in Bohol this rainy Saturday morning.
Among those, 33% of vacationers had either vacationed or planned to vacation with friends but even more vacationers (45%) said they would prefer to travel with friends.
The trail guides vacationers through historic sites linked with the development and progress of people of African descent in Bermuda.
And it's not just newcomers and current residents who benefit; vacationers will, too.
During holiday weekends in September 2002 and May 2003, researchers from the Havasu Regional Medical Center, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other cooperating organizations sampled air along the boat-choked channel and conducted breath tests among vacationers and workers in the vicinity.
During February 1997-August 2002, two fatal and six nonfatal cases of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning occurred in vacationers who were wading in or boating near the Bridgewater Channel of Lake Havasu (Lake Havasu City [LHC], Arizona) (1).
FLY-IN SKI VACATIONERS WILL NOW HAVE ONE LESS stop to make on their way from Denver International Airport to the slopes.
vacationers will visit the island annually, alone generating at least US$800 million to $900 million in tourism revenue, shortly after the 40-year embargo is ended.
Most of the vacationers are quite disabled and/or frail.