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chiefly Brit a period of the year when the law courts or universities are closed
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What does it mean when you dream about vacation?

See Holiday.

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Since the initial investigation in September 2002 (Labor Day weekend), one fatal and four nonfatal, hospital-treated CO poisonings involving loss of consciousness have occurred among channel vacationers, with %COHb levels ranging from 19% to 47% (P.
"One of our main goals is to eliminate the hassle factor so that more vacationers can take advantage of Colorado's incredible mountain resorts," said Ken Gart, president of Denver-based Specialty Sports Ventures.
Reporter George DeWoody's look at P-town, which he called "the gayest spot on God's green earth," included a mention of friction between some residents and gay vacationers over the area's nude beaches.
The newest projects, aimed at well-heeled vacationers, signal a shift away from mass market charters and toward the more lucrative upscale travel market.
The administrator becomes the bus driver, accompanying the vacationers on all of the overnights.
Terry Collins, pastor of the Outer Banks parish, said summer visitors, parishioners and past vacationers from as far away as Maine have already been generous with donations.
are also much-frequented domestic stops, but Europe is still the overwhelming vacationer's choice.
To compete with the Disney behemoth for the booming family vacationer market, some of the newer Vegas productions feature action and aggression instead of sex.
Hornak, 32, explained that time-share vacationers no longer need buy a deeded property where they go every year at the same time.
The work of Morais and other Latin American and Caribbean artists, such as Jamaican Jennifer Markes, appeals to vacationers not only as a memento of their journey, but also as an evocation of a certain bright, carefree mood, according to those who run galleries and auctions for regional hotels and cruise lines.
Although tourism is getting attention from the government, Vice President Quintanilla Schmidt acknowledges that El Salvador will have a tough time competing with Costa Rica, which has a better developed tourism industry and offers vacationers more alluring prices.