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1. a migratory animal that is off course
2. (of plants) showing uncontrolled or straggling growth
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What does it mean when you dream about a vagrant?

A vagrant in a dream may indicate that the dreamer desires to escape from the confines of social expectations. Likewise, the dreamer could also be worried about becoming a vagrant if they can no longer keep up with their bills.

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References in classic literature ?
The four others were dark-eyed, hardy little vagrants; this child was thin and very fair.
'Don't he too sure of that,' replied the gentleman, 'we don't allow vagrants to roam about this place.
'Vagrants,' said the gentleman, 'vagrants and vagabonds.
There was no municipal police for the purpose of apprehending vagrants and disorderly characters.
Some of them are ordinary paths, which have a rail on each side, and are made by men with their coats off, but others are vagrants, wide at one spot and at another so narrow that you can stand astride them.
Speaking to The Express Tribune, a vagrant named Akram said that he hails from Mitha Tiwana located in district Khushab.
In cases such as these, I tend to recommend Vagrant. Vagrant could almost be considered "a scripting tool for automated deployments of virtual machines." This means that Vagrant allows for the easy creation and destruction of VM environments, including those for Oracle Virtualbox.
"Lesser White-fronted Goose had been recorded once as single bird in southern Oman seven years ago and was considered as a vagrant. African Sacred Ibis has visited Salalah this year as a single bird after three years according to one source." The professor remarked that sometimes, birds that do not turn up during the winters show up the next year or the year after that.
A VAGRANT will be leading the way in LSU Stage Society's first play of the semester.
THE friend of a businessman accused of keeping two workers captive and making them live in squalid conditions claims one of them looked like a "vagrant".
When Mr Hipkin asked Mr Zammit to expand on what he meant by "vagrant", the witness said: "I meant he was scruffy and never looked after himself."