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To prove something to be sound or logical. Also to certify conformance to an accepted standard. Contrast with verify.

For example, data entry validity checking determines whether the data make sense (numbers fall within a range, numeric data are all digits, etc.), but "validity" checking does not "verify" that the data are correct. Even if the check digit in a customer account number is determined to be a valid number, it may still be the wrong number for that individual. In practice however, the terms "validate" and "verify" are often used synonymously. See validity checking, check digit and HTML validator.

Errors Can Be Laughable
Validating data typed into the computer is not a complicated concept. However, with regard to proper names, if there is no existing database to compare to, validation is a time-consuming job. The only way to ensure correct spelling is to have two different operators type the same name twice or to have a person visually compare what has been typed by another.

Is That Really the Name?
Residents of Everittstown, New Jersey would surely get a chuckle if they were driving a car in their town with this GPS navigation system. Of course, if the error was ever reported, an updated DVD disc would solve the problem.
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Validated Demographics are drawn from the robust combined data assets of BlueKai, Datalogix, and third-party data partners, using a variety of verification methodologies, such as comScore vCE, to help ensure quality and measurability.
Simply stated, this means that products that are just now being received by the DoD under contracts awarded before July 1, 2002, must be evaluated and validated under the CC.
Having completed the Novell YES Certified testing on AMD Validated Server barebones platforms, Supermicro Computer, Tyan Computer Corporation and Uniwide Technologies are the first original design manufacturers to offer these platforms.
Today, more than 90 point-of-sale products have been validated as PABP compliant, nearly double the figure from April 2006.
The Oracle PartnerNetwork Application Integration Initiative gives customers confidence that integrations between Oracle Applications and complementary ISV solutions have been validated and the products work together as designed.
Purpose-built from the ground up for the most demanding enterprise network environments, the Vernier EdgeWall is the first Network Access Control product to deliver wire-speed authenticated and validated access to all users throughout the network, and then inspect and protect user traffic from security threats and malicious behavior with a fully integrated Inspection engine.
Layer 2+ service interworking between ATM and Ethernet was validated for MPLS-enabled services VPLS and Layer-3 VPN.
AMD Expands Channel Offerings to Include New Validated Solutions, Platform Service and Support
Data Systems International (DSI) announced today that Oracle has validated the integration of DSI's dcLINK(R) 5.
With its broad range of application protocols supported over IPv6, Agilent Network Tester validated the high performance of Check Point VPN-1 Power NGX IPv6Pack security gateway that performed advanced security enforcement using its full range of Application Intelligence, SmartDefense and Web Intelligence security capabilities," said Tomer Robinson, lead quality assurance engineer, Check Point Software Technologies.
NYSE:A) today verified that its N2X multiservices test solution validated the performance of IPTV service delivery over the largest multilayer GMPLS/MPLS test network ever constructed.