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What does it mean when you dream about vanishing?

Something that vanishes in a dream can represent something—which can be an insight into ourselves—that we forget and lose awareness of. Perhaps it is an unpleasant item of self-knowledge that disappears.

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Prosecutor Jonathan Rees QC said the story was "frankly absurd", adding: "Dave did not vanish into thin air did he?
UPM Raflatac is adding to its extensive range of food-safe labeling products in the European market with the addition of PP White FTC 60 and a food-approved version of its Vanish ultra-thin, clear PET label face material.
Mind you, I shall be Astonished if the stains actually Vanish.
One, a brand of premium condoms and lubricants, has debuted Vanish Hyperthin condoms.
com)-- Vanish Laser Tattoo Removal and Skin Aesthetics is offering the opportunity for your sweetheart's tattoo to be completely removed.
The currency itself is not likely to vanish or disappear in 2012.
14 -- Vanish, the leader in stain removal category, from the stable of FMCG major Reckitt Benckiser India has launched the new Vanish Liquid with the 'Goodness of Oxygen'.
Tink's was a pioneer in whitetail scent lures, and for 2010, the company is jumping into scent-elimination with Tink's Vanish Odor Eliminator.
Over time, text written using Vanish will--well--vanish.
New launches such as Finish Quantum dishwasher detergent and Vanish Intelligence helped boost performance in the quarter it said.
For instance, Engheta says, silicon particles encased in gold or silver coatings might appear to vanish at specific infrared, visible, or ultraviolet wavelengths.