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What does it mean when you dream about vanishing?

Something that vanishes in a dream can represent something—which can be an insight into ourselves—that we forget and lose awareness of. Perhaps it is an unpleasant item of self-knowledge that disappears.

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References in classic literature ?
And so, for Jerry, vanished Tulagi, its Commissioner's bungalow on top of the hill, its vessels riding to anchor in the harbour, and Michael, his full blood-brother.
The light went out of her face and eyes; the girl vanished; it was the sorrowful, cheated woman who answered the invitation almost coldly and got herself away with a pitiful haste.
"Why is he among those who says he has no awareness of the vanished lady?" Maxwell said any production of The Lady Vanishes needs a good Miss Froy, who is the lady in question.
Speaking from his California home, he said he wished he could have joined Mr Jones for the screening and hoped the audience had a great night watching The Vanishing, which tells the story of the lighthouse keepers who vanished from the Flannan Isles in 1900.
After a wee snooze, Iris wakes up to find Miss Froy has vanished. But no one seems to recall ever seeing Miss Froy.
Before adopting Muggle plumbing methods in the eighteenth century, witches and wizards simply relieved themselves wherever they stood, and vanished the evidence.
ISLAMABAD -- A retired scientist from whose account Rs2.7 million had mysteriously vanished earlier this week was given the money back on Wednesday.
Dozens of officers with rakes combed the undergrowth yesterday, three weeks since she vanished.
A sizeable percentage of these vanishing people are found - eventually - and many will have dropped off the grid for personal reasons, but some 20,000 people each year go missing without a trace and stay missing, and I wonder if some of these people have vanished because of paranormal reasons?
THE funeral of Scot Liam Colgan, whose body was found 10 weeks after he vanished on his brother's stag do, will be on Friday.
Readers who look for detective stories that are edgy, packed with character observations and intrigue, and which hold unexpected and increasingly complex probes into gambling schemes, mob ties, and sometimes-dubious expressions of love will find Vanished a satisfyingly absorbing read right up to its surprising conclusion.