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What does it mean when you dream about vanishing?

Something that vanishes in a dream can represent something—which can be an insight into ourselves—that we forget and lose awareness of. Perhaps it is an unpleasant item of self-knowledge that disappears.

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Nancy Binay also suggested that victimized prepaid cell- phone users complaining against unexplained vanishing loads could still go to court if they do not get redress from their telcos.
Critique: An extraordinary and profusely illustrated volume, "The Vanishing Stepwells of India" is a unique and impressively informative study that is impressively well organized and presented from beginning to end.
To a question on status about DCM Finance, Nova Pumech, Alps BPO Service, Birmingham Thermotech, Kolar Biotech, Mini Software, Padmini Technologies, Punsumi India, Sunstar Software, Vatsa Corporation, the minister said these companies were not identified as vanishing companies.
Then they focus on the vanishing viscosity method for the numerical solution obtained by discreting nonlinear equations.
Ironically, Look magazine folded less than 10 years after "The Vanishing American Jew" appeared.
According to Natera, this is the first peer-reviewed publication detailing the clinical identification of vanishing twin and triploid cases by NIPT.
Scudamore said that it was clear from watching the 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil that vanishing spray benefited referees, players, and all of those who watched the matches.
Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore said: "At the Premier League we are open to developments that enhance the competition and it was clear from watching the 2014 FIFA World Cup in FA World Cup in F Brazil that vanishing spray benefited referees, players, and all of those who watched the matches.
Some of the characters' decisions are inordinately foolish, given the circumstances of the teens' murders, and twists in the plot are occasionally too pat, but for readers who savor the ambiguities of unrequited love and the greys of the here and hereafter, The Vanishing Season will end well.
In order to battle this form of "cheating", Fifa provided the recent Club World Cup referees with a vanishing spray that vanishes within a minute or so after being sprayed.
On date, 87 companies are considered falling under the vanishing category.
Hill Fields Hub officially opened last year and Vanishing Barriers has been delivering construction and horticulture training opportunities on site.