vapor transmission

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water vapor transmission (WVT)

The rate of water vapor flow, under steady specified conditions, through a unit area of material between the two parallel surfaces (and normal to these surfaces).
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Automotive vents also reduces the condensation due to more effective moisture vapor transmission and also can be configure with most typical plastic and metal housing lighting material.
The concentration of loaded natural agents affects the physical properties of the hydrogel determined by swelling behavior, gel fraction, moisture retention and water vapor transmission rate.
Pentreat 244-40 chemically bonds to the substrate, reducing liquid absorption while allowing vapor transmission. In addition to its performance as a water repellant, the product can help extend the life of treated surfaces while keeping the substrate cleaner.
Visitors will be able to challenge Lubrizol experts for polymer and additive solutions to their toughest problems in areas such as abrasion resistance, flame retardance, water resistance, olefin adhesion, moisture vapor transmission, chemical resistance, glass binding, tear resistance and more.
The top film layer has a high-moisture vapor transmission rate to transpire as much as 80% of the exudate, says Smith & Nephew.
The clear pouches have oxygen barrier and moisture vapor transmission rates of <.022 cc/100 sq.
Unlike film A, a significant increase in oxygen transmission rates (OTRs) and water vapor transmission rates (WVTRs) occurred for films B and C due to the longer processing time of MAPS (52 minutes) compared to thermal processing (36 minutes).
In contrast, papers or linerboard coated with EcoShield Barrier Coating remain fully recyclable and repulpable while achieving a very low moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) comparable to that of polycoated or waxed paper, the company said.
If the addition's ceiling is drywall, you can improve its vapor transmission resistance by making sure that there are no gaps around the perimeter and no cracks in the taping and painting it with B-I-N followed by your choice of finish paint.
AMETEK MOCON, a global provider of instruments and services for testing, measuring and analyzing invisible gases, has launched a new system to measure the water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) of ultra-high barrier packaging films and materials.
If we replace the vertical axis with vapor transmission in permeability, we get pretty much the same shape of curve.