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Contract:The purchaser is inviting tenders for its district heating improvement project; consisting of converting all 35 heat stations to variable flow operation, and improving their monitoring and control, as well as installing new pipework and controls in the energy centre.
This discussion does not apply to variable flow condenser water systems serving water-cooled AC units because the flow through condenser is not controlled by a feedback loop; those systems must be balanced as if they were constant flow systems.
Leminar will supply Hattersley's traditional valves, including ball, butterfly, check, gate and globe valves as well as a range of balancing solutions for constant and variable flow systems for customers in Kuwait.
Primary only variable flow systems vs primary secondary variable flow systems, by Fahim Siddiqui;
use of pressure-regulating variable flow pumps, an option that yields high quality results for affordable prices at pressures up to 100-150 bar for impeller pumps and up to 400 bar for axial piston pumps [8, 9];
Every component being ATEX certified, the apparatus allows for treatment with variable flow and corresponding adequate heating/cooling with autonomous regulation.
It was verified and proved through on-site testing that the primary pumps were able to be converted to variable flow system.
All 40 nozzles in the eight manifolds on both sides of the sprayer can thus independently discharge variable flow rates to their designated canopy sections.
It was verified and proved through onsite testing that the primary pumps were able to be converted to variable flow system.
ST) announced today the signing of a multi-year contract with a global truck manufacturer to supply oil and variable flow water pumps for its new 11 litre engine which is designed to meet the requirements of Euro 6/EPA13 legislation.
A new variable flow turbocharger, direct flow air filter, high-pressure common rail fuel injection, 16-valve cylinder head and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) are also part of the design of the PC138USLC-10.
Also, where an application requires a variable flow rate, it is well suited to variable speed control as the output is a linear function of the rpm, thus avoiding the need for a complex algorithm to run the variable frequency (inverter) drive.

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