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hydrous phosphate of aluminum and copper, Al2(OH)3PO4·H2O+Cu, used as a gem. It occurs rarely in crystal form, but is usually cryptocrystalline.
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2016): "Distribution and chronological framework for Iberian variscite mining and consumption at Pico Centeno, Encinasola, Spain", Quaternary Research, 85, pp.
It is also possible that phosphate minerals did not form because not enough iron was available for precipitation of variscite, strengite, or vivianite.
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The Clay Canyon variscite occurrence (named the Little Green Monster claim by Montgomery and Over in 1937) is located primarily in the southeast quarter of the southwest quarter of Section 22, T6S, R3W, in the Oquirrh Mountains, western Utah County, Utah, about 50 miles south of Salt Lake City.
Enfin, cette transformation d'ordre culturel et social semble valoir pour les animaux et pour certaines matieres minerales exploitees a proximite des figures peintes (silex, serpentine, variscite, minerai de cuivre, etc.
Slabs of liddicoatite from Madagascar and variscite nodules from Fairfield, Utah have always had an honored place in the cabinets of mineral collectors.
They built world-class suites of rhodochrosite from Capillitas and variscite from Fairfield.
D'autres exemples attestent d'un rapport entre les memes manifestations graphiques et l'extraction d'autres materiaux a forte valeur economique et symbolique: peintures et serpentinite au Rocher du Chateau (Savoie), peintures et gites cupriferes a la Pena TU (Asturies), gravures et chloritoschiste au Vallat de Tarerach (Pyrenees-Orientales), petite stele et variscite a Can Tintorer (Catalogne), etc.
From the Boa Vista mine (a phosphate pegmatite) in Galileia, Minas Gerais comes variscite as bright red druses of microcrystals colorfully resting on a matrix of purple strengite and other rare phosphates.
Among his discoveries (5) were gadolinite and fergusonite from Barringer Hill, Llano County, Texas; quartz crystal groups, variscite, wavellite, perovskite and rutile from Arkansas; and sphalerite, galena, marcasite, dolomite and calcite crystals from Missouri.
An interesting lot of specimens came in the early 1990's from about Level 450 of the San Jose vein, where small masses of native bismuth associated with blue spherules of variscite were found.
Two large and superb variscite slabs from Utah, showing unusually rich green color (from Walt Lidstrom).