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Inflammation of a blood vessel or a lymph vessel. Also known as angiitis.



inflammation of the walls of the small blood vessels. Vasculitis is usually caused by influenza, typhus, streptococcal infections (erysipelas, angina), or physical factors (frostbite, burns). Vasculitis may also arise as a secondary manifestation of collagen or allergic diseases, such as rheumatism, lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, and serum and drug diseases. Sometimes vasculitis may be caused by a combination of some of these factors. The most usual, and often the only, external symptom of vasculitis is affection of the skin (hemorrhages, rashes, necrotic nidi, and so forth). As vasculitis progresses, thrombi may form in the vessels (thrombovasculitis), necrosis of the walls of the vessels may occur, and aneurysms may form. In the final stage of vasculitis complete occlusion of the vessels by a thrombus may occur, which leads to the disrupting of nutrition to the corresponding tissues and organs, bursting of aneurysms, and hemorrhaging into the surrounding tissues. Vasculitis is classified according to site as cutaneous and visceral; the latter predominantly affects the vessels of serous and mucous membranes of internal organs, such as the liver and kidneys. Treatment consists of the removal of the main disease causing the vasculitis.


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A team that manages vasculitis at Emirates Hospital in Jumeirah, led by Dr Amit Kumar, consultant surgeon with special interest in vascular and endovascular surgery, and Dr Humeira Badsha, Consultant Rheumatologist, took on his case and facilitated his medical care.
Jean added: "Also thanks to all of those who donated towards Vasculitis UK, hoping that one day the cure will be found."
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<B Emily Price died suddenly in 2017 from vasculitis
The US Food and Drug Administration has granted avacopan orphan-drug designation for ANCA-associated Vasculitis, C3G and atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome.
Small vessel vasculitis of the skin is mediated by immune complex deposition in the affected vessels.
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and diuretics (drugs that induce urination) also cause vasculitis. However, almost all drugs and drug additives are potential causes.
CE-MRI is an accurate, sensitive, and reliable imaging method for diagnosing vasculitis, even in the early phases of the disease, and may be useful for evaluating the activity and response to treatment in patients with TA.
(4) A recent descriptive analysis and systematic reviewof the literature reported that influenza vaccine was the most commonly associated vaccine with all types vasculitic events (up to 25% of cases) and HSP as the most frequent vasculitis presenting after any immunization (19% of reports).
The authors concluded that the otitis media was a symptom of vasculitis. In future similar cases, tentative use of antibiotics might be useful in diagnosis.
A skin biopsy from skin lesions, which persisted for longer than 24 hours, was found to be compatible with leukocytoclastic vasculitis. Complete clinical and radiologic recovery of the patient occurred in three months and albendazole treatment was continued for six months.