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vase, vessel of pottery, glass, metal, stone, wood, or synthetic material. The pottery vase was anciently employed as a container for water (a hydria), wine and other products (an amphora), or oil (a lekythus), or for mixing and serving wine and water (a crater). It had one or two handles, sometimes a lip or spout, and frequently a base or foot; sometimes it was pointed to thrust into the ground or was set into a frame holder for support. Large covered vases were used for general storage purposes. The cinerary (cremation) vase, or urn, has been common throughout historical times, a famous one being the Portland vase. Modern vases are widely used for flowers. Beautiful in form and embellished with incised patterns, modeled or painted figures or scenes, and sometimes inscriptions, the vase became a work of art in early times. Greek painted vases are in form and color among the most exquisite examples of ancient art. Vases or their fragments discovered in burial chambers and through excavations in various countries serve as records of the manners, customs, and history of their peoples. Buddhist and Christian altar objects include the vase, usually of silver or gold with chased or modeled designs of exquisite workmanship. Bronze and brass are much employed for vases in Asia, as well as porcelain, carved jade, and crystal in China and enamelware in the Satsuma and Kutani vases of Japan. The vase of cloisonné is also much in evidence in East Asia. The Persian pottery type is famous for its blue-green color, French Sèvres for miniature medallions, English Wedgwood for cameo reliefs, and American Rookwood for rich tones and underglaze painting.


See J. H. Oakley, The Greek Vase (2013).

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A decorative vessel, usually higher than it is wide; used as an architectural ornament, usually on a pedestal, balustrade, or an acroteria on roofs.
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What does it mean when you dream about a vase?

A cracked or broken vase suggests a crack in the dreamer’s life—a broken relationship; a weakening outlook; and, possible sorrows ahead.

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bell, 1
bell, 1
1. The body of a Corinthian capital or a Composite capital, with the foliage removed; also called a vase or basket.
2. The portion of a pipe which is enlarged to receive the end of another pipe of the same diameter for the purpose of making a joint; also called a hub.
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A vase as a dream symbol usually represents something personal that has value and beauty. It is a holding vessel for water and flowers, which are both deep and meaningful dream symbols. If you are dreaming about a broken vase, you need to consider the areas of life that seem to be falling apart and need mending. It may be your love life, family relationships, career, or any other highly valuable area of life.
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John Crane, who founded the auctioneers in 1985, was surprised at how much interest the vase received due to its condition.
The vase, which dates back to the 18th century and is likely to have belonged to a Chinese Emperor, attracted a lot of attention from auctioneers despite being badly damaged.
Cut your floral foam to size, to fit into the opening of your vase.
Offering a striking design in a monochromatic palette, this vase is perfect for adding a little drama to any display.
As for the tools and their victimized vases, a breach comes into play between the delicacy of the vases and the objects' toughness, as well as between their respective periods of manufacture: the Sevres vase and its design going back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, against the twentieth-century factory-made tool.
For twenty years, has been part of the Southern California glassware industry, servicing major department stores, glass vase wholesalers, wedding and event planners, designers, retailers, and flower shops throughout the United States.
3 Cover the entire vase and leave to dry for at least 24 hours.