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male sterilization by surgical excision of the vas deferens, the thin duct that carries sperm cells from the testicles to the prostate and the penis. Vasectomy is a popular method of birth controlbirth control,
practice of contraception for the purpose of limiting reproduction. Methods of Birth Control

Male birth control methods include withdrawal of the male before ejaculation (the oldest contraceptive technique) and use of the condom, a rubber sheath
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: in 1983, figures showed that approximately 10 million men had been sterilized in the U.S. since 1969. Excision of the vas deferens is a minor surgical procedure that can be performed in a physician's office in less than half an hour. A small incision is made on one side of the scrotum (the external sac housing the testes) and the vas deferens is located, cut, and the ends tied off. The incision is closed and the procedure is repeated on the other side. After surgery, it is necessary to wait until a negative sperm count is obtained before discarding other means of contraception, because viable sperm cells are retained in the seminal vesicles (the pair of storage pouches where sperm is mixed with other components of semen) and along the various sperm ducts. In addition it is usually advised that the patient be reexamined after a year, because the severed ends of the vas deferens occasionally reknit. Sterility resulting from vasectomy is considered to be permanent, and attempts at surgically reversing vasectomy, called vasovasotomy, have had limited success. In India, where the government is trying to stem the tide of overpopulation, money is paid to men who submit to voluntary vasectomy. Efforts to overcome the irreversibility of vasectomy have also led to experimentation with the implantation of faucetlike devices that can be made to open or close the sperm duct in a simple operation. Such devices have functioned successfully in animals but are still considered experimental in humans because of their unproved reversibility, high cost, and the degree of surgical skill needed to implant them. Another option suggested to those undergoing vasectomy is to preserve their fertility by depositing semen in sperm banks. Such semen samples are frozen in liquid nitrogen below −300°F; (−185°F;) and are considered to be viable for an indefinite period. However, there is considerable debate over the scientific and ethical aspects of sperm freezing, and the practice is still considered experimental. Researchers have examined the possible negative physiological effects of vasectomy, but there is no conclusive evidence that any link exists between the procedure and disease.


See S. D. Mumford, Vasectomy: The Decision-Making Process (1978); G. Denniston, Understanding Vasectomy (1978).


Cutting, or removing a section from, the ductus deferens.


surgical removal of all or part of the vas deferens, esp as a method of contraception
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Because all except 5 eggs (from 3 different pairs) laid in the 2 pigeon houses with vasectomized males were unfertilized, the vasectomies of the remaining 249 males were considered successful.
The largest dilution that gave a positive result with the vasectomized semen using the OneStep ABA card[R] p30 membrane test was 1:500,000.
For example, a population-based case-control study conducted in Los Angeles found no statistically significant increased risk of prostate cancer among vasectomized men, although there was a statistically significant trend of rising risk with increasing time since vasectomy.
McComb found that, as expected, females exposed to vasectomized males had the earliest ovulation dates.
Pseudopregnant mice (NMRI, albino) were allowed to mate with vasectomized males (NMRI, albino) which were confirmed to be infertile.
Fertility of eggs produced on territories of vasectomized red-winged blackbirds.
Beginning on the day of EB administration, the buffaloes were monitored for signs of behavioral estrus by visual detection and parading vasectomized buffalo bull every 6 h for 30 min.
Herr confirmed that the test for vasectomized men is accurate as well as easy to use.
If, as interviews with men have suggested, talking with another vasectomized man is an important step in the decision-making process, (25) it may be necessary for family planners to link potential candidates with role models, especially if the candidate is from a subgroup within which vasectomy rates are low.