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I say signature; because its position upon the vellum suggested this idea.
"I held the vellum again to the fire, after increasing the heat; but nothing appeared.
Mahbub had business at Quetta, and there Kim, as Mahbub admitted, earned his keep, and perhaps a little over, by spending four curious days as scullion in the house of a fat Commissariat sergeant, from whose office-box, in an auspicious moment, he removed a little vellum ledger which he copied out - it seemed to deal entirely with cattle and camel sales - by moonlight, lying behind an outhouse, all through one hot night.
The leaves were of the finest vellum, with tastefully designed illuminations all round them.
We learn of his friend, fellow scholar, and fellow Icelander Pormodur Torfason, who asks Arni to check whether his deerskin underpants have been found in the guest-house in which he stayed while visiting Arni in Copenhagen, and of Arni's later years, during which colleagues mischievously suspected he 'sat at home gnawing on his old vellums' (p.
Chapter 1 also contains a very useful table showing numbers of extant Icelandic manuscripts and charters, divided into categories of vellum and paper, by century between 1101 and 1600 (p.