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fabric having a soft, thick, short pile, usually of silk, and a plain twill or satin weave ground. The pile surface is formed by weaving an extra set of warp threads that are looped over wires as in Wilton carpet, the rods being withdrawn after the weft thread is placed, leaving a row of loops or tufts across the breadth. The loops may remain uncut, forming terry velvet, or be cut, automatically in machine weaving or by a special tool in handlooming. The fabric may also be woven double, face to face, then cut apart. Velvet is supposedly one of the silk weaves developed on the ancient shuttle looms of China. The most beautiful weaves, such as brocades, are still done by hand. India has produced velvet from remote times, often richly embroidered, for the furniture and trappings of royalty. Many fine velvets were made in Turkey, and Persia was famous for its beautiful designs and colors. Magnificent velvets were used in Europe in 12th- and 13th-century religious and court ceremonials. Lucca and Genoa apparently were the first cities to make fine velvets and excelled through the 16th and 17th cent. Genoese velvet was notable for designs formed by contrasts of cut and uncut pile. Venetian and Florentine fabrics were sumptuous brocades, floral designs on contrasting grounds or on cloth of gold. Utrecht made a rich, heavy velvet used for wall and furniture coverings. Modern velvets are of many types and grades. Lyons velvet has a stiff ground and erect pile. Transparent velvet has a sheer foundation. Panne velvet is a long-napped weave, pressed. Plush and velveteen resemble velvet and are sometimes used as substitutes; the weft loops, rather than the warp loops, form the pile on these substitutes.
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What does it mean when you dream about velvet?

The appearance of this elegant material in a dream may represent the dreamer’s emotions—soft, sensuous, and elegant. If the dreamer is wearing velvet, it may indicate that some honor is forthcoming.

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A fabric with a short, thick-set pile of silk, cotton, or other fiber on a back that is closely woven and of the same or different fibers.
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a. a fabric of silk, cotton, nylon, etc., with a thick close soft usually lustrous pile
b. (as modifier): velvet curtains
2. the furry covering of the newly formed antlers of a deer
3. Slang chiefly US
a. gambling or speculative winnings
b. a gain, esp when unexpectedly high
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with a few p Now t more pur sm taste and decide if you need e lemon juice or salt and ree until the mixture is velvety mooth.
5 Blend veloute using a stick blender, adding the cream as you go - you want a thick, velvety texture.
Kath Leather A This sounds like a case of crab apple scab - a classic symptom of this fungal disease is when the leaves develop velvety blotches and fall prematurely.
Velvet Feel has a velvety roughened surface that is abrasion resistant, slip resistant, and sound absorbing.
"Pours a bright light blue color, it's a velvety and seductive sparkling blue drink that is deliciously fruity and presented in distinctive packaging.
We divided the range of observed feel into three regions: rubbery, velvety, and silky.
The gift box is composed of: Nettari Preziosi -- Gardenia Reale -- bath and shower gel (200ml) which cleanses and releases a velvety elegance of Royal Gardenia fragrance; Nettari Preziosi -- Gardenia Reale -- body milk (200ml) which softens and hydrates the skin, making it velvety to the touch and deliciously aromatic; and Comea in a metal printed box for safe keeping.
Created to allow coffee to take center stage, the flat white merges rich espresso flavor with creamy, velvety milk.
We loved the texture of the fudge from DER DUTCHMAN (we tried chocolate and peanut butter varieties), which was velvety, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth good--the most fudge-like of all we sampled.
One need only listen to the band's hard-driving "Bury Me With My Guns'' to get a sense of just how much this band has going on, particularly the warm, velvety curl of the vocals as it builds to the chorus' sudden gunshot of sound.
Tropez is renowned for fabulous tanning solutions and this lightweight, easy to apply, velvety mousse is no exception.
It smelled amazing and had a fantastic velvety texture.