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heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning system (HVAC system)

A mechanical system designed to satisfy the environmental conditions within an air-conditioned space, usually controlling the temperature, relative humidity, distribution and movement of air, and air cleanliness. Types of systems differ, but a basic system often includes an outside-air intake, chiller, preheater, dehumidifier, heating coil, humidifier, fans, duct-work, air outlets, and air terminals.
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Last year Luke won the 2009 BSS Rose Bowl for Heating and Ventilating Fitting Craft, awarded by Liverpool Community College.
"Ventilating only on demand means the refrigeration system works less, thereby saving energy while protecting product quality," explains James Taeckens, senior product manager, Carrier.
Regularly, and you know how often that is for the conditions in your area, you must lubricate door hinges, vent hinges, ventilating fans and door latches.
The purpose of this article is to highlight the potential difficulties that are encountered during basic resuscitation of laryngectomized patients and to report our assessment of the two types of pediatric face mask in ventilating such patients.
The Sheet Metal Air Conditioning Contractors National Association (SMACNA) represents over 1,600 heating, ventilating and air conditioning contractors (HVAC); air and water testing and balancing firms; fire and smoke damper and louver manufacturers; and related sheet metal companies.
John Deere Foundry in Waterloo, IA, is not only kept clean, it saves money on heating and ventilating costs.
Improper installation of cooking equipment increases your risk of fire, especially where ventilating hoods and ducts pass through frame walls and ceilings.
Look again at the local health codes (many of them are tightening up on ventilating standards) and have an HVAC specialist measure the air volumes delivered to the various parts of the building.
It is estimated that approximately 500,000 to 2 million ventilating tubes are placed on an annual basis in the United States.
If you happen to own a darkroom, Susan Shaw, author of Overexposure: Health Hazards in Photography, recommends avoiding inhalation of developer powders, wearing safety gloves and properly ventilating the room.
To allow air to move through the tenements, Thomson suggested brick construction incorporating ventilating flues placed parallel to the smoke flues.