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veranda, verandah

An open porch or balcony, usually covered, that extends along the outside of a house or other building; sometimes called a piazza; also see galerie and galería.
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References in classic literature ?
He made the round along the verandah, while Kayerts sat still and looked at the corpse.
And he went away slowly to his expectant wife, leaving the two white men alone on the verandah.
He stumbled out of the verandah, leaving the other man quite alone for the first time since they had been thrown there together.
On the verandah he stopped short on purpose to address to us anxiously a long remark which I failed to understand completely.
A peon was seen walk- ing that morning on the verandah with a letter in his hand.
A little stream of light travelled out under the verandah, and fell over the gravel-walk.
In speaking of the rooms on the ground floor I have mentioned incidentally the verandah outside them, on which they all opened by means of French windows, extending from the cornice to the floor.
Ellen--ELLEN!" she cried in her shrill old voice, trying to bend forward far enough to catch a glimpse of the lawn beyond the verandah.
Here, in a thicket of stunted oaks, her verandahs spread themselves above the island-dotted waters.
Indeed, next washing-day, when Vixen as usual fled under my bed, Garm stared at the doubtful dog-boy in the verandah, stalked to the place where he had been washed last time, and stood rigid in the tub.
He generally sat on the verandah looking out on the Mall; and well I knew what he expected.