vers libre

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vers libre:

see free versefree verse,
term loosely used for rhymed or unrhymed verse made free of conventional and traditional limitations and restrictions in regard to metrical structure. Cadence, especially that of common speech, is often substituted for regular metrical pattern.
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Eliot, "Reflections on Vers Libre," in To Criticize the Critic (London: Faber & Faber, 1978), 183-189.
When, as in his most recent book What, Silliman breaks up his paragraphs into lines of vers libre, little of the usual effects are lost, which makes me question the effectiveness of employing paragraphs as a means of ordering "new sentences" into a rhythmical pattern.
Ezra Pound described it as "a harum scarum vers libre American product." It was intended to counter Harriet Monroe's more conservative <IR> POETRY </IR> by encouraging experimentation.
Dr Pennar was known for his rather avant-garde vers libre poetry and published two volumes of poetry, Syndod y Sr a Pair Dadeni and two long poems Saga and Y Gadwyn.
Reality is decomposed in Henri Droguet's book of vers libre: dispersed as if by breezes (epigraph from Vergil) or communicated as part of an attempt to "parler 'pour ne rien dire', ou pour dire: quoi?" (epigraph from Genette).
In vers libre, the basic metrical unit is the phrase rather than a line of a fixed number of syllables, as was traditional in French versification since the Middle Ages.
With his point of origin the loss of faith in the universal analogy, Evans focuses on the precarious relationship between harmony and disruption in metrical verse, vers libre, and prose poetry.
Verse in Vers Libre: Eirwyn George, Maenclochog, Pembrokeshire.
He himself pioneered the use of vers libre ("free verse").
published the bilingual Selected Poems in 1987, and in Day Has No Equal But Night he offers fluent, readable, and usually literal translations that also emulate the form of the original vers libre. Still, there are some instances where the word choice seems either mistaken or else inattentive to indications in the text.
Future appraisals of Krysinska's contested contribution to the advent of vers libre will have to reckon with the strong case that this volume makes for including her work in French poetic history.
French Symbolist poet, a master of lyrical irony and one of the first advocates of vers libre ("free verse").