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1. (not in technical usage) a stanza or other short subdivision of a poem
2. poetry as distinct from prose
a. a series of metrical feet forming a rhythmic unit of one line
b. (as modifier): verse line
4. a specified type of metre or metrical structure
5. one of the series of short subsections into which most of the writings in the Bible are divided
6. a metrical composition; poem



artistic speech that is phonically divided into relatively short sections called verses, which are mutually related and commensurable. Division into verses is generally marked by the text’s appearance (printing in separate lines) and is often accompanied by rhyme and other phonic features. Meter, or the alternation within a line of strong and weak syllables, is the means used to emphasize the interrelationship and commensurability of verses, but meter in verse may be absent, as in tonic verse and free verse.

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It is claimed that with Version 12 is more user friendly and productive with VERSE.
Blanks are inserted immediately after the heading of the song (second half of verse 1: Ashirah la-Adonai ki ga'oh ga'ah), signaling the beginning of the poetical section.
This paper will consider Deuteronomy 9:7, a verse whose genre and audience are unclear, and have been under debate for centuries.
I will deliberately refrain from a metrical explication of this free verse poem, the reason being that to do so would be difficult and controversial and dependent upon performance.
But this way of understanding rhythm assumes that there is an underlying meter to the line, an assumption that is not always valid when we shift to talk of some of the freer kinds of the likewise vague "free verse.
8220;Wherever I go, women always compliment me on what I'm wearing and my look, so now when I stop through a city, I want women to look and feel just as good as I do, so I will help them get set up with their first verse,” says Tocarra.
First places also went to Manav Jaspal in the Humorous Verse Class C, Amelia Shaw in Prose Speaking Class C and Bryony Camwell and Anna Williams for their Choral Speaking duo.
In other words, 33% of the songs started with a chorus, not a verse.
He also remembers the starting and ending verses of each page of the Quran and whether a verse was revealed in Makkah or Madinah.
In addition, the author has listed the contents of the verse from the first juzuk to the third juzuk together with the introduction page of the book, which all the three constituents have been interpreted properly.
The body of verse by Tudor and Stuart monarchs Henry VIII, Mary Stuart, Elizabeth I, and James VI/I has been surprisingly little studied says Herman (English, San Diego State U.
CAIRO: Several scholars from Al-Azhar denounced last week the use of Quranic verses in the logos of political groups or placing them on storefronts and cars.