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The author has accompanied the study of Old and Middle English metre with a chronological account of scholarship on English alliterative versification. He begins with a discussion of contemporary medieval references to alliterative metre, with particular emphasis on Gerald of Wales's twelfth-century comments on English poetry and Snorri Sturluson's thirteenth-century Hattatal, a description of Old Norse metrical forms (chapter one).
As terms of versification analysis, these are instances where a potentially stressed monosyllable in a weak position precedes (proclitic) or follows (enclitic) the adjacent word with its stress in a strong position and with which it has a syntactic link.
The Committee handed over the said degree to the representative of HEC for versification and her next hearing is fixed for 8th November 2010.
Announcing that China, India, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam and Egypt produce 60 percent of the world's total handicrafts production, he said that Iran should increase the exports via versification of its products.
Nick Fisk, Charles Jones, Childe Roland, Chris THE INSIDER Peter Finch Somebody has already told me that, earlier, a shaven-headed man was seen shouting poems down the library's vast stairwell - Ifor Thomas as it turns out, employed for the day to encourage the versification of visiting punters.
The extensive introduction discusses surviving texts, authorship, dialect, versification, and the difficulties of and challenges involved in creating one text from five surviving MSS.
The following poem, by Susan Thorpe, takes a different approach to palindromic versification.
These include sensitive readings of several poems by the Hebrew poets Natan Alterman and Abba Kovner, and the brief but pithy and densely informative precis of the history of Hebrew versification. Apropos the latter subject, though the one apparent omission from this collection is Harshav's significant contribution to the field of poetics (having established, for example, the Department of Poetics and Comparative Literature at Tel Aviv University, famous for the so-called 'Tel Aviv School of Poetics', as well as having founded the journal Poetics Today), there is a companion volume from Stanford University Press collecting exactly these works, entitled Explorations in Poetics (2007).
The similarities end, however, with Page's versification. Throughout this long poem she skillfully employs a four-beat, accentual meter--an unobtrusive, fluid prosody that recalls Old English poetry and that of Gerard Manley Hopkins.
Students are taking part in various stage and off-stage events such as versification, short story writing, speech, debate, recitation, quizzes, classical, cinematic, western and folk dance, group song, light music, pencil drawing, the keyboard and mono-acting.
Psychologically, "the rhythmical performance" of a poem is a perceptual solution to a perceptual problem: when the linguistic and versification patterns conflict, they are accommodated in a pattern of performance, such that both are perceptible simultaneously.