vertical bar

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vertical bar

The character "|", ASCII code 124.

Common names: bar; or; or-bar; v-bar; pipe; vertical bar. Rare: ITU-T: vertical line; gozinta; thru; pipesinta; INTERCAL: spike.

"Pipe", "gozinta", "thru" and "pipesinta" refer to the use of "|" in Unix shells to create a pipe.

Some keyboards show both a solid vertical bar (code 124) and a broken vertical bar (code 166).

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1. A secondary framing member to hold panes within a window, window wall, or
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vertical bar

The vertical bar character (|), located over the backslash (\) key, is used as an OR operator. In the C/C++ language, two vertical bars are used; for example, if (x == 'a' || x == 'b') means "if X is equal to A or B." It is also used as a pipe symbol, which directs the output of one process to another. See filters and pipes.
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