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At 750 rpm, the particles are fully vesiculated. As the stirring rate is increased to 1000 rpm (Fig.
Pardo-Villaveces et al., 2005), pumice fragments were randomly distributed in a vitroclastic matrix with abundant blocky shards, vesiculated and not vesiculated shards (Figure 12 A).
vesiculated inclusions* (112) H-F/L-F inner longitudinal muscle layer well developed (113)
The opacification effect is only possible if the particles become sufficiently rigid to preserve the internal vesiculated structure and avoid inter-particle coalescence upon drying.
We still noticed the presence of the cytotrophoblast: cells with relatively large nuclei, vesiculated, clear cytoplasm, with mitotic activity, being observed polyploidy in some of them (Fig.
The chromatin was clumped, giving the nuclei a clear vesiculated appearance, and some elements had multiple eosinophilic nucleoli.
Finally, toward the middle of the organ, the shape of the nucleus changes from ovoid to plano-convex, the nucleoplasm becomes more homogeneous, and the subnuclear cytoplasm assumes the vesiculated appearance of a mature photocyte [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 34 OMITTED].
This accounts for the stabilization of the vesiculated structure inside the organic phase.