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1. a slight, rapid, and regular fluctuation in the pitch of a note produced on a stringed instrument by a shaking movement of the hand stopping the strings
2. an oscillatory effect produced in singing by fluctuation in breath pressure or pitch
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(1) A method of playing stringed musical instruments (those with necks); an even, regular vibration of the finger of the left hand on the string it is stopping. By periodically changing the pitch of the notes within small ranges, vibrato gives notes a special coloration and singing quality and increases their dynamic quality and emotional expressiveness. The use of vibrato dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries, to the performing art of lutanists and players of the viola da gamba; now it is used primarily with instruments of the violin family. Initially a unique kind of ornamentation in romantic music, vibrato has become an important way of achieving expressiveness.

(2) A method of playing certain wind instruments; a light opening and shutting of the valves and a change in the degree of intensity of the exhaled breath, causing a vibrating sound.

(3) A natural characteristic of a singer’s voice, which to a large degree determines its qualities of timbre, warmth, and expressiveness.


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A musical embellishment that depends primarily on periodic variations of frequency which are often accompanied by variations in amplitude and waveform.
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"Study 2 was undertaken to better understand sources of airflow vibrato. Airflow modulations were produced during singing with vibrato and also while bleating and with external epigastric pumping.
GOOD VIBES Hang onto your hat as Vibrato Valtat attacks the daunting Sandown Railway Fences in the Tingle Creek Chase.
Beyond the fundamental lift-fall-pause, the potential retrieves are many, especially with heavy compact lures like the Jigging Rap, Puppet Minnow, Spin Shad, and Vibrato. I often target individual walleyes spotted on sonar or 360 Imaging.
"Vibrato Valtat is improving all the time and maturing and the wind operation he had in the summer has been a big advantage."
Dr Grimes derived equations describing how string bending, vibrato and whammy bars changed the pitch of a note and found that the properties of the strings had a big effect on the change in pitch, in particular the Young's modulus (a measure of how much the string stretches under force) and how thick the strings were.
Para compreender a voz e o canto em sua totalidade, e preciso ter clara a relacao entre fonte e filtro constituidos, respectivamente, por pregas vocais, faringe, boca, cavidades nasais e paranasais, e que em conjunto determinam a qualidade final do som emitido [4] e da caracteristica do proprio vibrato [5], principalmente, pela relacao entre as frequencias produzidas pelas pregas vocais e modificadas pelo trato vocal [6].
He explains what it does and does not do, suitable audio sources, versions, installation, plug-ins, optimization, mastering pitch correction in automatic and graphical modes, Auto-Tune Live, creating vibrato, MIDI, the Auto-Tune vocal effect, Auto-Tune on musical instruments, and time compression and expansion.
"I wonder what the role of vibrato is," e-mailed Jose Alonso.
While the entirety of the EP is solid, "Tina Needs a GF and "Hot Mess are standout tracks; both feature catchy hooks and make the most of vocalist Katie Ford's sweetly rich vibrato. Grenadina has "the next big thing stamped all over them.
KEMPTON 12.20 Vibrato Valtat 12.55 Kie 1.30 Cloudy Copper 2.05 Niceonefrankie 2.40 Black Thunder 3.15 Brackloon High 3.50 Forgotten Voice.
Tenor soloist Oliver Johnston managed to settle into a soft and pleasant timbre in Ev'ry Valley, despite a slightly shaky beginning of over-pushing his voice with rough vibrato.
The authors thoroughly address important topics such as breathing, onset, resonance, vowel modification, vibrato, register transitions, range extension, intonation, changing voices (both adolescent and aging), and vocal health.