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in criminal procedure, a citizen who has suffered moral, physical, or property injury as a result of a crime. In the USSR the victim is given a broad range of procedural rights, including the right to present evidence, to submit petitions and challenges, to appeal the actions of the body that is handling the case, to participate in the trial, and to appeal the judgment. Some proceedings are instituted only upon complaint of the victim. In instances provided for by law, the victim may press charges in the case, but a reconciliation with the accused will lead to dismissal of the case. The victim has the right to have a representative, and he may bring a civil suit. Enterprises, establishments, and organizations that have suffered damage from a crime may participate in court proceedings only as civil plaintiffs.

What does it mean when you dream about being a victim?

Being a victim in a dream or seeing another being victimized may denote a condition about which the dreamer feels helpless. Because the victim/rescuer theme is so widespread in life, dreams about victimization can also echo past experiences in which one felt victimized.

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Victimhood is a complex term that implies both explicit and implicit understandings of a violent relationship in which not only one, but several parties may claim simultaneously victimhood.
Many victimhood addicts learned their behaviors from an immature parent, so we're facing a deeply ingrained mindset and behavior.
He also provides a sound analysis of how the socio-cultural divides that we see in Polish society today are rooted in the question of whether or not it still makes sense for Poland to derive its sense of national identity from its perceived victimhood.
These contrarian positions help her articulate the dominant attitudes towards heroism and victimhood that appear to characterize each cultural "phase.
This reader is less convinced, given that the mantra of victimhood and those distancing techniques, which made the Nazis always someone else, persist stubbornly and have found renewed expression in recent literature and film.
We are creating this feeling of victimhood - there, there, there, it's all right, take a cheque.
Even with the Israeli Army's revelation in a January 4, 2009 Haaretz article that they overestimated Gaza's rocket severity, Israel won't give up its victimhood card.
Sebald's Luftkrieg und Literatur lectures, published in 1999), and to demonstrate instead that the topos of victimhood has been a constant, if largely unrecognized, undercurrent of post-war German culture.
The protagonists are all young girls whose defining characteristic is victimhood.
Pregnant women, battered wives, and rape victims emerge as unlikely beneficiaries from lower-level courts in which JPs were more likely to believe the stories of victimhood and to acknowledge and punish male violence.
Tell them that they can't go forward until they give up their victimhood, quit judging everything, and lose their ego.
The UK's top Jewish official said: "A culture of victimhood sets group against group, each claiming its pain, oppression or humiliation is greater than that of others.