victims' rights

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victims' rights,

rights of victims in the prosecution of the crimes commited against them. Nearly all U.S. states have enacted some victims rights legislation; federal legislation also has been passed. Such laws typically ensure that victims receive respectful and compassionate treatment, that they are informed at critical stages of the criminal prosecution, and that their courtroom attendance and comments are invited when appropriate. Among the significant results of victims' rights laws has been the right of victims to make victim-impact statements at sentencing and parole hearings. Some critics have voiced concerns that such statements may influence sentencing unevenly, based on whether the victim or defendant is viewed more sympathetically, and that in general victim-impact statements tend to encourage sentencing based on emotion, sentiment, and even revenge rather than on reasoned judgment and the law.
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In 2001, the State of Alaska reinforced an already strong public policy in favor of victims' rights by creating the Office of Victims' Rights, a state-level agency charged with representing crime victims in and out of court.
"Meet Us Where We Are" presents first-person accounts of how crime affects people with disabilities and educates disability service providers and people with disabilities about crime victims' rights and resources.
"This review will modernise police practice by improving efficiency, whilst ensuring the police are accountable for their actions and that victims' rights are protected.
The group will support campaigners over issues such as victims' rights, prisoners who are treated unfairly, foreigners who have suffered difficulties with civil cases and European anomalies over the age of criminal responsibility.
Included in discussions of these agencies, are discussions of issues such as juvenile justice, and victims' rights. The trip to England was designed to reflect this objective.
The ASIS Foundation, Inc., has commenced a project to assist the private security profession in properly handling victims' rights in the workplace.
Cases on recent developments include sentencing guidelines, internet crime, white collar crime, drug offenses, possession offenses, hate crimes, victims' rights, state v.
The bill has come under fire from labor, trial attorneys and victims' rights groups, as well as from a group of large insurers--including Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., American International Group Inc., Chubb Corp., Hartford Financial Services Group Inc., Zurich Financial Services Group and Allstate Corp., among others--that have formed an organization called the "Coalition for Asbestos Reform" to lobby against the bill's passage.
For example, section 609(e) of the amended FCRA gives identity theft victims the right to obtain records of fraudulent business transactions, and section 609(d) requires the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to develop a model summary of identity theft victims' rights. This report provides information on (1) outreach efforts to inform consumers, businesses, and law enforcement entities about section 609(e); (2) the views of relevant groups on the provision's expected impact; and (3) FTC's process for developing its model summary of rights and views on the summary's potential usefulness.
A spokesman for Victim Support said victims' rights were still being overlooked, compared with the liberal attitude employed towards offenders.
Driving the increase has been increasing support by plaintiff and defense attorneys, judges and victims' rights advocates, said Terry Taylor, president of NSSTA and of Plaintiff Structures, an Austin, Texas-based firm.
A 24-hour "bully hotline" has been activated to report problems and a list of "victims' rights" has been or will be circulated to schools.

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