video bandwidth

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video bandwidth

The signal capacity required to transmit video content. The following chart shows the maximum bandwidth required in MHz for common analog and digital standards, as well as the bandwidth range in Mbps for digital TV (DTV). The Mbps ranges from low-motion frames to high-motion frames.

BANDWIDTH (BW) REQUIREMENTS--Analog--   ------DTV-----ActiveNTSC  PAL    SD    HD    HDPixelsHoriz.    451   538    640  1280  1920
  Vert.    483   576    480   720  1080

 FPS       30i   25i    60p   60p   30i

 MaximumBW (MHz)  4.2   5.1    7.9  26.0  26.0

 BW Range (Mbps)        2-9  6-25  7-28
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CodecSys' patented, breakthrough, multi-codec compression software cuts video bandwidth requirements over satellite, cable, IP and wireless networks to enable a new generation of applications such as streaming video to computers and mobile devices.
As such, these devices are not limited by video bandwidth or type of modulation.
These units have a dynamic range of 65 to 70 dB, a TSS of -67 dBm and a nominal video bandwidth of 20 MHz.
The GRM monitor was designed with full multisynch ability and a video bandwidth of 150 MHz at -3 dB so viewers see clean, clear images in all IBM and VESA standards and in any video mode from 640 X 480 pixels up to 1,600 X 1,200 pixels.
5 miles over standard multimode fiber lines, with a video bandwidth of 8 MHz.
A further limitation in the utility of this estimator lies in the mathematical relationship between the autocorrelation time delay, the video bandwidth and the RF bandwidth.
Augmented voice, data, and video bandwidth needs via the increasing use of business and consumer applications is pressuring retailers to consider network upgrades and enhancements.
Internet Solutions provide the connectivity required for the video bandwidth.
3 GHz, 3-kHz to 3-MHz 3-dB resolution bandwidth, 100-Hz to 300-kHz video bandwidth, -90-dBc/Hz SSB phase noise, and a spurious response of <-60 dBc.
Consequently, the video bandwidth for such a signal is 20 MHz.
5MHz video bandwidth, more than 60 dB signal-to-noise ratio at 25 kin, 26 dB optical budget, and optical dynamic range.