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video classifications

All video systems fall into either analog or digital categories. These are further subdivided by standard definition (SDTV) and high definition (HDTV) as well as how luminance and color are combined or kept separate. See SDTV, HDTV, YPbPr, YCbCr, NTSC and ITU-R BT.601.

                                ITUSDTV       Analog    Digital  Standard

 Composite  NTSC/PAL   4FSC
 S-Video    NTSC/PAL
 Component  YPbPr      YCbCr    BT.601

                                 ITUHDTV       Analog    Digital  Standard

 Component  YPbPr      YCbCr    BT.709
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Given the convenience of internet smart TVs, which are set to be offered at more affordable prices over the forecast period, more consumers are expected to purchase new LCD TVs; this category is set to account for the strongest growth among all home video categories, at a volume CAGR of 14% and a value CAGR of 8% at constant 2014 prices.
Swift also earned nominations for her music video Blank Spacein the Best Female Video and Best Pop Video categories.
Swift also earned nominations for her music video "Blank Space" in the Best Female Video and Best Pop Video categories.
In each of the photography and video categories, entries captured not only by cameras but by any digital imaging device, including smartphones and camcorders will be accepted, providing an opportunity to nurture a new imaging culture.
com)-- [ 2 one 5 ] Creative exposed their exceptional video capabilities at this year's Davey Awards, bringing home one gold and three silver awards in four separate video categories, contributing to a year that saw the agency grow exponentially within this digital content space.
Our sales were up by 25 per cent over our set targets with IT and video categories contributing 50 per cent of the total sales followed by mobiles, photography and accessories.
org links together content from traditional sites, and also allows users of the site to improve the organization of the video categories, which makes finding the video you need much easier.
The Zeop software runs on Microsoft (IIS) web servers and includes features like administrator control over video resolution and compression, web page video embedding, background video conversion for uploaded videos, unlimited community users, custom video categories and easy-to-navigate video thumbnail organization.
Home entertainment has proven to be virtually recession-proof and we expect industry growth to be 15 (percent) to 20 percent for all video categories this fourth quarter,'' Feingold said.
The former Take That star, who has two entries in both the Best Single and Best Video categories, has been nominated for six awards, beating Oasis's record of five set in 1996.
NEW YORK -- "The 2012 New Media Website Awards has opened with expanded categories for blogs, mobile sites and video categories, and this exciting competition exemplifies the phenomenal diversity," said Barbara Eber-Schmid, Executive Vice President of the New Media Institute Inc.
In 2013, both share nominations in the musical event and video categories with Lambert's trio Pistol Annies for their collaboration on Shelton's song ''Boys 'Round Here.