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He's now responsible for spearheading V-Nova's growth in the fast-evolving areas of video compression and live contribution as well as advancing the PERSEUS codec into the U.S market.
TVU Networks will also show the TVU MLink TE4500 H.265/HEVC and 4K encoding solution -- a rack-mount encoder for satellite and microwave vehicles that transmits video using HEVC video compression and Inverse StatMux Plus advanced IP video technology.
However, using video compression certainly results in smaller data files than routinely available geospatial compression algorithms.
HEVC/H.265 offers the next generation video compression features needed to meet consumer's immediate and rapidly growing demand for 4K Ultra High Definition ("4K UHD") video delivered seamlessly to screens ranging from the largest monitors to the smallest smart phones.
(NASDAQ: AMBA), is a developer of lowpower, high-definition (HD) and Ultra HD video compression and image processing solutions.
That will be a remarkable improvement over currently existing video compression algorithms.
"ALi has completed integration of HEVC to our STB chipset portfolio for our customers to upgrade their platforms to the latest video compression standard with minimum efforts and costs," said Tony Chang, General Manager of ALi's Broadcast and Broadband Media Business Unit.
It is evident from critical review of literature that exhaustive research work has already been done by several researchers to improve the performance of video compression system using moving edge based techniques.
The topics are lossless image compression, image transforms, wavelet-based image compression, image compression using vector quantization, digital video compression, image quality assessment, and compressive sensing.
The first two sections contain introductory material for understanding video compression and transmission systems, covering basic concepts and methods in multimedia signal processing and communications.
On 10 January, Google gave up legal action started in November 2010 in the US against Microsoft for violating patents on video compression. Motorola, which has become a Google subsidiary, obtained two answers from US justice: in April 2012, US justice confirmed the violation of its patents in Germany; and in May, US justice issued a ban on the sale of Microsoft Xbox games.
These video inputs can then be easiry routed to any of the 12 video outputs for real-time viewing or routed to the system's real-time HD video compression subsystem for recording or distribution over a standard Ethernet network.