video game controller

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video game controller

The input device used to control a video game. Controllers have evolved from a single joystick with one button to devices with joy sticks, pedals and dozens of buttons. See universal game controller, gaming keyboard, video game console, joystick and Kinect.

Full Cockpit Controls
Capcom's Steel Battalion controller for the Xbox puts the gamer inside a futuristic robotic war machine. It uses joysticks, levers, dials and more than 40 buttons to simulate the cockpit of the "Vertical Tank." (Image courtesy of Capcom Entertainment.)

The Gamepad
Also called "joypads" and "control pads," a gamepad is held in the hands and operated with both thumbs such as this wireless unit from Sony for its PlayStation3. Direction buttons, or a directional paddle, are typically on the left side with the action buttons on the right. (Image courtesy of Sony Corporation.)

Flight Simulator Controller
Perhaps the most elaborate game controller ever, high-end gaming PC maker MAINGEAR introduced a cockpit controller for diehard enthusiasts in 2012. With the monitor placed on top of the controller, you are flying the plane! For more information, visit
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The Global Video Game Controller Market Report offers energetic visions to conclude and study market size, market hopes, and competitive surroundings.
InterWorks Unlimited Inc., the fastest-growing distributor of innovative gaming peripherals, have entered into an exclusive deal with HKS USA, Inc., the premier manufacturer and supplier of premium automotive performance systems, to co-develop for a line of professional racing video game controllers.
After contacting a leading independent video game controller retailer, the President of the company wrote back to the team to express his serious interest in their project.
* A PlayStation 4, video game controller, $400 cash, and video games were reported stolen Monday from an apartment on the 0-100 block of Oxford Road.
Assistant Public Defender Colleen Price said the boy appeared to be holding a video game controller and playing the game when he posted the social media video.
Powered by its recently introduced Tegra 4 processor, Nvidia's Project Shield features a 5-inch touch screen attached to a traditional video game controller. It runs on Android Jelly Bean, and players have access to any game in the Google Play store as well as games on any PC running on Nvidia's GeForce GTX 650 GPU.
Still, that didn't stop the popular video game site ( Kotaku from getting wind of a ( patent application filed by Sony on Thursday for a new video game controller that could heat up and cool down along with gameplay cues.
Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox Software, seems enthusiastic about Nintendo's fresh take on its video game controller, and perhaps this is a precursor to what fans will see with "Aliens: Colonial Marines." Pitchford described it as "the best controller" that Nintendo has pushed out yet.
Developers may have the potential to use tablets and smartphones as a video game controller, and the idea of asymmetrical gaming could be made possible as well.
Granberg, of the 100 block of North Mallory Avenue, Batavia, faces felony burglary charges in thefts of money, electronics, video game controllers and headsets, an iPhone, credit cards and a personal check from homes on the 700 block of Houston Street and the 300 block of Whipple Street last week, according to police and court records.