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(vĭjĭlăn`tēz), members of a vigilance committee. Such committees were formed in U.S. frontier communities to enforce law and order before a regularly constituted government could be established or have real authority. They were most common in mining communities, but were also known in cow towns and in farming settlements. The extreme penalty inflicted by the vigilantes was lynchinglynching,
unlawfully hanging or otherwise killing a person by mob action. The term is derived from the older term lynch law, which is most likely named after either Capt. William Lynch (1742–1820), of Pittsylvania co., Va., or Col.
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. Among the most famous of the vigilante groups were those formed in San Francisco in 1851 and reorganized in 1856 to bring order to the notorious Barbary CoastBarbary Coast
, waterfront area of San Francisco, Calif., in the years after the 1849 gold rush. Gamblers, gangsters, prostitutes, and confidence men flourished, and the brothels, saloons, and disreputable boardinghouses made the Barbary Coast—named after the pirate coast
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. Measures taken by vigilance committees were at best extralegal. When such committees were formed in a community with a well-constituted government and a police force, they were strictly illegal and usually were merely the expression of mob violence.


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An FIR has been filed against the two men for allegedly transporting beef in two mini-trucks by a cow vigilante.
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Shadow Vigilantes: How Distrust in the Justice System Breeds a New Kind of Lawlessness is recommended for social issues and legal collections alike, and identifies a pervasive problem in our current justice system which is eroding community confidence in law enforcement processes.
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By shadow vigilantes, the Robinsons refer to people who are disillusioned with the justice system to the point that as witnesses they do not report crime or help investigators, as jurors refuse to indict or convict, as law enforcement officers they bend rules they consider unreliable, and others similarly undermining the justice system in small ways.