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vinette, trayle, vignette

An ornament of running vine scrolls with grape clusters and leafwork.
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Percentage of cases in which participants consider situations in Vinette Tasks 1 and 2 as abusive or reportable, as a function of diverse situational factors.
The trek has taken her backward, to re-explore her own roots in such things as Jamaican pantomime--which she calls "my biggest influence" (Knowles)--, miss lou and 'mas ran (Louise Bennett and Rannie Williams), Lorraine Hansberry, ntozake shange, Vinette Carroll, and the early dub poets (mandiela, "africanadian" 69-70; Knowles; Gingell, "jumping"; Collins).
Roy, son representant au Quebec, Roland Vinette, secretaire du Comite catholique du Conseil de l'instruction publique, de son intention de ne pas faire une edition purement canadienne de son Nouveau Petit Larousse illustre, << etant donne le caractere scientifique et international de l'ouvrage et par consequent, les modifications adoptees seront incorporees dans l'edition francaise aussi bien que canadienne >> (29).
Miletus Michael Wildman Ismene Tracy Ifeachor Aglaea Aicha Kossoko Euphrosyne Pamela Nomvete Thalia Joy Richardson Haemon Simon Manyonda Tiresias Bruce Myers Antigone Vinette Robinson Talthybia Jacqueline Defferary Phaex Ferdinand Kingsley With: Jessie Burton, Daniel Fine, Karlina Grace, Irma Inniss, Alexia Khadime, Cornelius Macarthy, Clare Perkins, Victor Power, Daniel Poyser, Zara Tempest Waiters.
Jaime Vinette was chosen business development officer.
His new deputy is Will Ash, while Sarah Jane Potts is the accomplished head of French, Elizabeth Berrington is the snobby food technology teacher and Vinette Robinson joins as a nervous newly-qualified teacher.
CHOICE Hope Springs (8.00pm) Hannah, Ellie, Shoo and Josie (Vinette Robinson, left) try to bury their resentment towards Ann Marie.
HOPE SPRINGS (Cert 15, 450 mins, Acorn Media, DVD pounds 24.99, Drama/Comedy/Romance/Thriller) Ellie (Alex Kingston), Hannah (Sian Reeves), Josie (Vinette Robinson) and Shoo (Christine Bottomley) are ex-cons who are about to hatch their most daring plan yet - to rip off Ellie's gangster husband to the tune of pounds 3m.
Alex Kingston, Sian Reeves, Christine Bottomley and Vinette Robinson are the quartet who have to ditch their original plan of emigrating to Barbados with pounds 3million stolen from the gangster husband of one of them.
Alex Kingston, Sian Reeves, Christine Bottomley and Vinette Robinson play Ellie, Hannah, Shoo and Josie, four ex-cons trying to go straight.
She was the mother of the late Jeanette (Hilton) Zeller, Vinette Hilton and Garvin St.
WK: Yeah, so I left Negro Ensemble and I got money from Vinette Carroll and I started New Federal Theater.

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