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climbing plantclimbing plant,
any plant that in growing to its full height requires some support. Climbing plants may clamber over a support (climbing rose), twine up a slender support (hop, honeysuckle), or grasp the support by special processes such as adventitious aerial roots (English
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 or trailing plant. The grapegrape,
common name for the Vitaceae, a family of mostly climbing shrubs, widespread in tropical and subtropical regions and extending into the temperate zones. The woody vines, or lianas, climb by means of tendrils, which botanically are adaptations of terminal buds.
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 is often called "the vine." See also lianaliana
or liane
, name for any climbing plant that roots in the ground. The term is most often used for the woody vines that form a characteristic part of tropical rain-forest vegetation; they are sometimes also called bushropes or simply vines.
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What does it mean when you dream about a vine?

Dreaming about a growing vine can relate to our fruitfulness as individuals, or to our family lineage. Vines can also be plants that grow up and choke us. The dream might also be alluding to the expression “to whither on the vine.”

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A plant having a stem that is too flexible or weak to support itself.
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A plant whose stem is not self-supporting.
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gives nourishment to branches or followers. [Christian Symbolism: Appleton, 107; N.T.: John 15:5]
See: Christ
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1. any of various plants, esp the grapevine, having long flexible stems that creep along the ground or climb by clinging to a support by means of tendrils, leafstalks, etc.
2. the stem of such a plant
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