vinyl plastics

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vinyl plastics,

group of thermoplastics used in molded products, flexible tubing, material for raincoats, and laminated safety glass. Vinyl plasticsplastic,
any organic material with the ability to flow into a desired shape when heat and pressure are applied to it and to retain the shape when they are withdrawn. Composition and Types of Plastic
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 are polymerspolymer
, chemical compound with high molecular weight consisting of a number of structural units linked together by covalent bonds (see chemical bond). The simple molecules that may become structural units are themselves called monomers; two monomers combine to form a dimer,
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 and copolymers of vinyl derivatives (i.e., derivatives of ethylene, H2C=CH2), e.g., vinyl chloride (H2C=CHCl) and vinyl acetate (H2C=CH-OOC-CH3). Polyethylenepolyethylene
, widely used plastic. It is a polymer of ethylene, CH2=CH2, having the formula (-CH2-CH2-)n, and is produced at high pressures and temperatures in the presence of any one of several catalysts, depending
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 may be considered the simplest of the vinyl polymers, and polyvinyl chloridepolyvinyl chloride
(PVC), thermoplastic that is a polymer of vinyl chloride. Resins of polyvinyl chloride are hard, but with the addition of plasticizers a flexible, elastic plastic can be made. This plastic has found extensive use as an electrical insulator for wires and cables.
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 is an important member of this group. Polytetrafluoroethylene, or Teflon, is also sometimes classed as a vinyl polymer.
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For work on the Polymer Modifiers & Additives and Vinyl Plastics Divisions; for organizing joint meetings between PMAD, FRCA and the Wire Assn., and between the Palisades Section and the NY Rubber Group; and for development of tutorial conferences sponsored by PMAD and the Vinyl Plastics Division.
He served as president of the Palisades Section in 1999, and held a variety of positions in the Vinyl Plastics Division.
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