violin spider

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violin spider:

see brown recluse spiderbrown recluse spider
or violin spider,
poisonous nocturnal spider, Loxoceles reclusa, most common in the SE and S central United States. Adults are 3-8 in. (10 mm) long and are light brown with a dark, violin-shaped mark on the back near the head.
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In a small percentage of patients, violin spider bites may present with severe, sometimes life-threatening systemic illness with haemolysis, coagulopathy, shock, renal failure, and multiple organ damage (loxoscelism).
The violin spider is often specifically blamed in areas where such bites are epidemiologically improbable or impossible.
GRUESOME: The horrific injury left by the venom of the violin spider (main picture) as it destroyed the tissue in Dave Midgley's leg
The bite of a female black widow spider (the one with the orange hourglass on its abdomen) may cause nausea and a fever for about eight hours, and the bite of the brown recluse or violin spider requires medical attention.
The violin spiders have both neurotoxic and cytotoxic effects.