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I simply printed two or three on a virginal post-card--another half-penny to the bad--which might have been bought at any post-office in the kingdom.
I don't mean the worn-out earth of our possession, but a young Earth, a virginal planet undisturbed by the vision of a future teeming with the monstrous forms of life and death, clamorous with the cruel battles of hunger and thought.
The leaves and flowers were clean and virginal. The grass was young velvet.
Contract notice: the market consists of the removal, treatment and recovery of slag produced by the in bw energy recovery unit in virginal
Judge Thomas Crowther said: "She didn't match your desire for a blank virginal sex robot."
She lamented that, about 65% of the girls below 18 years unfortunately lost their lives during child birth and disclosed that these 65% also encounter the consequences of early child delivery, which could also be Recto Virginal Fistula or Vesico Virginal Fistula during delivery.
This stage design (by Mark Thompson) is immaculate, almost virginal and fits this provocative piece of theatre like a perfectly-made glove (words I thought I would never use again, having reviewed far too often in recent days sets which would have disgraced a rubbish dump).
El breve, el proceso machista se detiene regresivamente en el nivel de unas relaciones primitivas que se asocian a lo virginal silvestre.
] la rosa, como Maria, dechado de la pureza cabal, es simbolo, emblema de lo virginal, si por esto entendemos lo no tocado, el umbral virginal no hollado por el hombre, la integridad completa de la doncellez", escribio Ernesto de la Pena.
In a press statement, the embassy called on all nationals, especially students, in Virginal to stay away from the clash areas.
Andrew Colman, for the National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) said pupils were not taught safe sex because "a good Muslim only has sex with his previously virginal wife".
VIRGINAL 19-year-old Jay (Maika Monroe) has decided to give herself to her boyfriend Hugh (Jake Weary).