virtual appliance

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virtual appliance

An application and its operating system packaged together for a virtualized environment such as VMware or Xen. A virtual appliance is the software equivalent of a hardware device that performs a fixed set of functions (see hardware appliance). See system image.

Faster and Simpler
The regular process of deploying a new application in a virtualized computer is to set up a new virtual machine (VM) partition, install the operating system and then the application. The processes are time consuming and configuration mistakes can be made. In contrast, virtual appliance deployment is faster because the appliance image (application and OS) is copied to the virtual machine pre-installed and pre-configured. The application and OS have already been tested together, and running the software is less error prone. See virtual machine, virtualization, software appliance and NFV.

A Virtual Appliance Player
This virtual appliance is running in a regular non-virtualized Windows machine, using VMware Player, a VMware "runtime engine." It lets users test the behavior of applications running in a virtual machine environment in their own computer before deciding to virtualize the entire machine with VMware. This appliance includes the Ubuntu Linux operating system packaged with open source applications. See VMware Player.
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Two Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager 5K virtual appliances have
With the Real-Time Virtual Appliance, users are reportedly able to plug Speechmatics' new software directly into an audio stream and get instantaneous real-time transcription.
"Achieving 40 Gbps of IPSec throughput on a virtual appliance running on top of relatively low-cost hardware is a major milestone and will give us and our partners a unique position in the Telecom/LTE market, said John Vestberg, CTO at Clavister, We've made great strides forward in serving the telecom sector over the course of 2015 and this new version of our operating system provides us with an enhanced offering for the telco market, putting us in a strong position to successively grab a solid market-share.
Vembu Virtual Appliance is provided as a virtual hard disk (VHD) file, a commonly used file format.
Through Veristorm's virtual appliance data connector technology and zDoop, the industry's first commercial Hadoop distribution for Linux on the mainframe, we're bringing the best of mainframe and distributed technologies to bear on classic problems and new opportunities.
Based on the new architecture, the solution has been updated in terms of its management and control functionality for network devices, including a new switch that supports network virtualization and a new virtual appliance platform.
"This was a way to create the foundation for customers and partners to build virtual appliances," he said.
Certeon's aCelera virtual appliance software works in concert with Dell EqualLogic iSCSI SAN Storage Arrays to enable high performance, scalable, and cost-effective business continuity environments.
With a few simple steps, customers can easily deploy a Check Point virtual appliance - a security gateway for virtual environments - in the Amazon Cloud to activate protections that prevent network attacks and data breaches, while enabling secure connectivity in dynamic cloud computing environments.
Visitors to the Wallix website can download a VM version of WAB 2.2 in the VMWare ESX4 format, supplied with all documentation needed for the installation and configuration of the virtual appliance.
For vSphere Client for iPad to work, companies first have to install a virtual appliance called vCenter Mobile Access on one of their servers, and connect the servers to be managed to it.

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