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First of all, while Rheingold's vision of a virtual community is naive, he is right to point out that for any claim to community there must be an element of persistence and group endeavour: this is not the same as permanence, for all communities eventually perish, but individual efforts, while they may participate in a wider collective, do not alone constitute evidence of a vibrant cooperative venture.
The Student Virtual Community ( provides a wealth of information to assist students in their academic careers as well as their transition into oncology nursing.
While the University of Alberta's dream of creating a virtual community of local government administrators was only partially successful, the experience provides important lessons for others with similar aspirations.
The term virtual community was coined by Howard Rhemgold as the title for his eponymously named book on the subject in 1985.
Clearly, work in a virtual community of practice reduces threat of theft, but an idea that remains to be tested is the suggestion by Kollock (1998) and others that low risk makes a community dull and lacking in opportunity to build trust.
CalCPA classifieds is a virtual community where employers and CPA professionals connect.
Those classrooms act as committees, which then debate and pass along amended bills to a "House floor," a virtual community of 500 students in classrooms around the country, who debate the bills sent to them for a vote.
A community service learning program and an interactive work of art provide yet other perspectives on virtual community.
The vision is for this SIA to become a viable, joint, military virtual community, and a central focal point and exchange medium for contingency contracting knowledge across DoD.
An explanation will follow as to why a virtual community standard should be preferred over a local community standard in the adjudication of virtual obscenity cases in American law.
In the virtual community, their stigma becomes my own.
The 30,000-member virtual community of tech professionals represents a variety of fields.

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