virtual connection

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virtual connection

1. (VC) A connection or a path through an ATM network. The word "virtual" indicates that the connection is logical rather than physical.

Nothing to do with a virtual circuit on a packet switching network.

[Fred Halsall, "Data Communications, Computer Networks and Open Systems", 1996, Addison Wesley].

2. A communications link that appears to be a direct connection between sender and receiver, although physically the link can be routed through a more circuitous path, running over virtual circuits instead of a private network built primarily with dedicated lines.

A virtual connection can provide full-time connection among many sites, including those configured for SNA/SDLC protocol. A virtual connection can handle any transmission protocol and is supported worldwide. It can provide high throughput and low delay for LAN and Internet applications, peer-to-peer connectivity, client-server computing, and other distributed processing applications.

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virtual connection

A temporary connection made between two nodes.
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MIMO architectures are more complex because so many virtual connections are created between the base station and the UEs.
MPMTP-AR establishes a virtual connection that is composed of multiple paths between the sender and receiver.
The abilities to be patient, to tolerate frustration or uncertainty, and to defer gratification are essential life skills, and are not cultivated in time spent tending virtual connections. These subtler risks of online activity may be especially pronounced for young people with problems with attention, impulsivity, mood, or developmental issues.
It led me to ponder the question: Can we bring back physical human connection in an area of entertainment that relies so much on the virtual connection? It also made me consider the dichotomy debate that exists within the community of scholars who study life in the virtual and life in the real.
A typical ATM BERT application is the verification of end to end integrity in an ATM virtual connection as shown below:
Even though they were separated by more than 6,000 miles, Zelonis was able to establish a "virtual connection" with his wife, Jennifer, through an Internet connection.
Truly plug and play, the PogoPlug offers the security of having your files physically stored in a location you know, while offering you a virtual connection to those files anywhere you can access the internet.
With this single virtual connection, application providers can quickly and easily build biometric user identity authentication into their applications that are accessed by the thin clients.
The single virtual connection allows application providers to easily build biometric user identity authentication into their applications that are accessed by the thin clients.
According to their research (, having a strong virtual connection to your boss - whether by email or social networking websites - brings more money into the business, and is on average worth an extra pounds 365 in revenue per month over the norm.
The new Total Force Service Center provides a virtual connection between AFPC and the Air Reserve Personnel Center (in Denver) contact centers.

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