virtual desktop

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virtual desktop

(1) A user's desktop that comes from the server. See desktop virtualization and thin client.

(2) A desktop that extends beyond the boundaries of the screen. See virtual screen.

(3) Several desktops in one user machine, where each desktop offers a different group of applications. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux, multiple desktops reduce the number of applications on the taskbar. For example, an architect might set up one desktop for CAD and related programs and another for business applications.
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Workspot has reinvented Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with a cloud-native architecture that delivers applications, desktops and workstations from the cloud.
The integration helps customers accelerate the move to Windows 10 and brings VMware virtual desktops and applications to the increasing global presence of Azure in the enterprise -- available in 38 regions globally.
In addition, by combining this technology with its previously developed virtual network analysis technology(1), Fujitsu Laboratories has developed an analysis technology that can automatically identify bottleneck locations when performance degrades in virtual desktop systems.
Please contact them for more information about virtual desktop solutions or to schedule a private software webinar.
will be able to offer cloud-hosted virtual desktops and applications.
To add a virtual desktop click on the 'Task View' button located on the Taskbar, then click on 'Add a desktop' and a virtual desktop will be added.
Combining NVIDIA's GRID and the Teradici PCoIP Hardware Accelerator solutions with the scalability and performance of Nutanix's virtual computing technology enables enterprises to tackle virtual desktop deployments of unprecedented size and scope.
"Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions provide increased security, centralized management, and add operational flexibility to desktop computing.
VDI Blaster converts PCs into secure and centrally manageable virtual desktop, which enables companies and organizations of all sizes to realize the benefits of thin client computing, and extends their capital investment of PCs.

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