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Virtual display includes two ports: application on mobile terminals and fitting mirror in physical store.
So dear friends and fellow tech patrons, please don't lose your marbles over a Samsung/Apple/Xiaomi/LG/Lenovo smartwatch with an interactive virtual display. If industry trends (and common sense) is to be believed, you really won't need it.
GRITT uses 21 cameras that records all action and can then replay scenarios as a virtual display. A spokesman says it will measurably help Marines to improve their battlefield kits and should lead to the acquisition of lighter equipment.
After Golden-i establishes a Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or cellular link through a host device, users will see their PC desktop screen on a 15" virtual display, offering full hands-free access to all PC applications, data files and services.
Loan-Score also automates United Residential's daily rate-sheet creation and maintenance, making it a virtual display of rates that is easily accessible at the portal.
In addition to the actual display, visualization devices support the configuration of a virtual display, which can be transferred to and controlled by a remote PC.
The image will be written directly to your retinas; so you will see a very high-quality image, or any other computer display, hovering in the air as a virtual display. These systems can also provide full emergent virtual reality.
A virtual display of 5-axis machining with its MAG Series 5-axis horizontal machining center with its nutating head and high-speed, high-performance spindle can mill large aluminum structural parts with ease.
The "virtual display windows," as Whiteleather calls them, were purchased when the bookstore was remodeled and several internal walls were taken down.
Potential investors were offered Cains beer and shown a virtual display of how Liverpool's waterfront will look in 2008.
The virtual display features resolution approaching that of the human eye.

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