virtual drive

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virtual drive

(1) A storage space on a Web server that functions as a backup drive.

(2) A pool of storage space on a backup server or a group of backup servers that appears to the user as a single volume.

(3) Using a hard disk as an optical disc for testing the creation of new CDs or DVDs without wasting the optical media.

(4) A drive letter, such as J: or S:, which is an alias for the actual drive letter on a Windows server.
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M2 EQUITYBITES-August 19, 2019-DataLocker announces SafeCrypt encrypted virtual drive for SafeConsole
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-August 19, 2019-DataLocker announces SafeCrypt encrypted virtual drive for SafeConsole
Keysight's Virtual Drive Testing (VDT) Toolset, which uses Keysight's PROPSIM channel emulator to replicate complex real-world radio channel conditions and impairments, was developed as part of Virtuoso.
For example, if you have three drives of 1 TB each, you could create a 3 TB virtual drive, officially referred to as a Storage Pool, using these three 1 TB hard drives.
Using VR goggles while seated in the car, visitors can choose from either a driver's or passenger's perspective as they take a virtual drive around the famous Longcross test track in Surrey.
The exhibit is a virtual drive down memory lane, showcasing the relationship between fashion and the automobile by decade and highlighting how both were influenced by function, environment, lifestyle, and world events.
Anite's Propsim channel emulator helps Duconduct comprehensive device performance testing and field-to-lab testing with Anite's Virtual Drive Testing tool.
Cloud storage, also known as virtual drive, is simply a system that stores, maintains, and makes data accessible via the Internet in the cloud--a network of remote servers hosted by third parties.
The Drobo automatically assimilates them into your increasingly large virtual drive.
What Poeplau and other researchers did was develop a virtual drive that runs in a USB device to trap malware.

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