virtual hard drive

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virtual hard drive

(1) A storage drive simulated in memory. See RAM disk.

(2) A virtual hard drive (VHD) is a storage format that contains all the structural elements of a hard drive or solid state drive (SSD). It is the storage architecture of a virtual machine. A fixed-size VHD takes up all the allotted space initially reserved, whereas a dynamically expanding VHD uses storage as it fills up to its assigned limit.

Create an Encrypted Drive
Although virtual machines are used to isolate different operating systems or applications in the same machine, a VHD can also be created as an encrypted storage drive that is separate from everything else stored in the computer. See virtual machine.
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VM Optimizer works to reduce a virtual machine's virtual hard drive to the smallest size possible and optimizes Windows guest operating systems.
In the next dialogue box select create a virtual hard drive now.
Managing Explosive and Unexpected Growth -- Although converting physical machines to virtual machines is an asset for building dynamic data centres (fluidity, disaster recovery, backups) virtual hard drives become extremely large flat files--a typical Vista Ultimate install consumes ~15 gigs of local storage for the OS alone, not counting data files--and storing these files can quickly become unmanageable.

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