virtual instrument

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virtual instrument

(1) A physical gauge that measures and/or controls motion, distance, temperature, weight or some other physical property that is simulated in the computer via software.

(2) A musical instrument played on a computer. For years, computers have been used to simulate pianos and other musical instruments, allowing people to get a taste of the instrument without having the physical device. See synthesizer.

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They are easy to implement, especially as virtual instruments.
Virtual instruments are computer programs that interact with real world objects by means of sensors and actuators and implement functions of real or imaginary instruments.
Figure 4 shows a virtual instrument designed to monitor and manage a temperature system.
The course covers: introductory concepts of electronic circuit design; fundamental concepts of data acquisition programming using LabVIEW; Waveform generation and acquisition for electrochemistry virtual instrument (VI); and computer-controlled electrochemistry instrument VI.
It features full-LED headlamps, LED fog lights with cornering function, 19-inch alloy wheels, C-shaped LED tail lights, panoramic sliding roof, LED ambient lighting, virtual instrument cluster, 9.2-inch Columbus touchscreen infotainment system and 10-speaker Canton sound system.
As the music is playing, the playing of the players is very fast, so the real-time performance of the system is very high, in addition, a variety of different color makes the scene there may be interference, so the video based virtual instrument system must have some robustness, to adapt to the changes in the environment.
On the TFT instrument panel a Jaguar "leaper" emblem appears as the door is opened giving way to a virtual instrument panel at the push of the starter button.
The GX6196 is supplied with a software package which includes a virtual instrument panel and Windows 32/64-bit driver libraries for ATEasy, LabView, LabView/Real-Time, C/C++, Microsoft Visual Basic[R], Linux 32/64, Delphi, and Pascal.
Other subjects are a virtual instrument detection system for aerodynamic instruments, grinding rates of mica particles, and image reconstruction based on compressed sensing with the split Bregman algorithm and fuzzy bases.

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