virtual storage

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virtual storage

(1) Treating all storage media in the enterprise (hard drives, solid state drives, optical drives and tape drives) as a single pool of storage. See storage virtualization, virtual tape system and HSM.

(2) Storing data on the Internet. See cloud storage.

(3) An earlier term for virtual memory.
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Deployed by Fortune 500 companies worldwide, QuantaStor SDS addresses a broad set of storage use cases including server virtualization, big data, cloud computing, and high performance applications through scale-out physical and virtual storage appliances.
Our new Virtual Storage Platform represents another major step toward transforming the way companies implement IT and turn their raw data into valuable information that offers scalability and adaptability for the future."
HP said its P4000 Virtual storage area network (SAN) has been upgraded to include Microsoft HyperV integration, so that users can manage virtual servers, using both Microsoft's and VMware's hypervisor, as a single SAN.
THE BOOK OF XEN covers the open source virtualization tool and explains everything needed to use Xen, from its installation and customization to virtual storage. Learn how to use Xen and Linux tools to take snapshot backups, manage multiple guests, and learn how to migrate systems to Xen with a guide written by an expert.
Now customers can take advantage of the powerful benefits of virtual servers, virtual storage tiering and virtual storage provisioning in their Oracle and EMC information infrastructure environment.
The author approaches virtualization-related security threats from the attacker's perspective and describes the tools needed to secure disk encryption, authentication, virtual storage networks and other clustered virtual environments.
Vizioncore vOptimizer Pro 2.2 brings the ability to scan an organization's VMware vCenter Server and ESX Hosts in order to determine the amount of over-allocated virtual storage that exists unnoticed.
Release 5 incorporates a revised set of Web-enabled administration functions for reporting and configuration management across virtual storage assets.
Known as the Parascale Virtual Storage Network (VSN) software, it aggregates disks across commodity Linux x86 servers to deliver petabyte-scale file storage.
The simplicity of managing virtual storage and the automated provisioning of disk space have considerably reduced administrator burdens and have greatly sped up the response time to change requests by significantly shortening the time to add disk space, restore failed servers or disks and task new ones.
Additional tenants which BPG brought to the property include Herman Miller, J & J Services, Virtual Storage and JJ Haines.

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