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Middleton, MA, April 26, 2018 --( StarWind, a leading provider of hyperconverged infrastructure, high-performance storage, and backup solutions presents its new Virtual Tape Library (VTL) solution.
By stripping out duplicate data before it's replicated, ProtecTIER customers have experienced a reduction in bandwidth needed to send the data of up to 95% or more, reducing the amount of storage needed to archive and protect data (11); and Enhancements to the TS7700 Virtual Tape Library family include doubling the number of virtual tape cartridges it contains to 2 million and leveraging IBM POWER7 technology to significantly improve performance, delivering 70% better performance than a comparable Oracle offering (12).
Specifically, FST will offer FalconStor Continuous Data Protector (CDP), FalconStor Virtual Tape Library (VTL), FalconStor File-interface Deduplication System (FDS) and FalconStor Network Storage Server (NSS) through Fujitsu Group's nationwide sales network.
New Virtual Tape Library Features Doubled Throughput and Capacity and Enhanced Software Capabilities for Greater Management and Data Protection
<p>The Data Domain de-duplication appliances are point products that are installed between primary storage arrays and tape archives or virtual tape library disk subsystems.
* Extended Virtual Tape Library and disk management capabilities simplify and speed the recovery process
A year and a half ago, the institute invested in a so-called virtual tape library made by SEPATON, which uses an integrated disk system for primary backup that allows much faster restoration of data.
With its built-in Virtual Tape Library capabilit, the product can also maintain the same policies used for tape backup when deploying a disk-based backup solution, the company claims.
A virtual tape library (VTL), sometimes referred to as virtual tape server (VTS), offers storage to a disk cache, which acts as a fast writing buffer.
Storage providers Nissho Electronics and Hitachi CP and Alacritus Software have joined together to bring to market the industry's first virtual tape library appliance; thus setting the bar with the next generation of storage management.

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